Greater Than Symbol (Sign)

Greater than symbol refers to a basic mathematical symbol that represents the inequality between two values. We use the symbol > for representing the inequality that is between two values. This math symbol comprises two equal length strokes which are joined in the acute angle at the right. We generally make use of the greater than symbol for comparing two values. Here, the first number is greater than the second number mentioned. So, you see that the greater than symbol is an estimate of the closing angle bracket.

Examples using Greater Than Symbol

  • 6 > 3. This means, 6 is greater than 3
  • 2.4 > 1.7. This means, 2.4 is greater than 1.7
  • -0.2 > -0. 5. This means,  -0.2 is greater than -0.5

In order to get a better understanding, let us take a look at other mathematical symbols which are given below:

Symbol Meaning Example
= Equal to 6+6 = 12
Not equal to 6 + 3 ≠ 8
> Greater than 8 > 5
Greater than or equal to Scholars ≥ 4
< Less than 5 < 8
Less than or equal to Scholars ≤ 25

Usage of Greater Than Symbol

It might get confusing sometimes in order to remember the greater than symbol. So, to simplify things, you can think of an animal like a blue whale that is hungry. A blue whale’s mouth will always point towards the largest amount of food so it may eat as much as possible. Similarly, when we think of representing the greater value through the use of greater than a symbol, remember the whale’s mouth opens to the left.

greater than symbolFor instance, when there are other numbers and we need to represent the greater value, the whale will open its mouth towards greater value. Let’s say you get an inequality of 9 and 7 which is given in two different ways:

9 > 7 or 7 < 9

The ways may be different, but the meaning is the same. It means 9 is greater than 7. Similarly, we have other terms that we make use of alternately greater than. Some of the terms are more than, as much as, as old as, not less than, or at least.

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Points to Remember

You will get much greater than symbol word problems, but make sure to remember some points which will help you in solving those problems. The strategies are:

  1. Read the whole problem carefully
  2. Look out for important keywords and highlight them
  3. Identify the variables
  4. Write down your equation and solve it carefully
  5. Write down your solution using a complete sentence format
  6. Give justification for your answer

Let us try out a problem for practicing the same.

Tina has got 600 rupees in her bank account at the beginning of the semester. She aims to save at least 150 rupees in her account by the end of the semester. Moreover, she keeps withdrawing 30 rupees weekly. You need to write down the inequality express which signifies Tina’s situation.

You begin by highlighting the important keyword which in this matter is ‘at least’. Thus, we assume the variable as x which will give our inequality expression as:

600 – 30x ≥ 150

It is important to remember that we have made use of the greater than or equal symbol in place of greater than a symbol. It is because Tina wishes to save money that is equal to or greater than 150 by the semester’s end. Thus, a greater than or equal to inequality symbol will be apt.

Solved Question for You

Question 1: What is the meaning of greater than?

Answer: We can define greater than as an inequality which we use to compare two or more numbers, quantities or values. We make use of this sign when there is a quantity or number that is bigger than the second quantity or number.

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