Maths Model

Maths Model

Mathematical models are initially used in the field of Science and Engineering fields, which covers different subjects. It also has its importance in other subjects such as social sciences, economics. People working in these fields use these models most widely. Models in mathematics are used to model real-world situations. In these maths model usually take the form of algebraic problems. Models help us to improve our thinking capabilities and logical skills. Models are course based on the practical application of mathematics in our day-to-day life.

maths model


Most of the schools conduct exhibitions for various classes where students can represent their innovative ideas and project work to learn the subject in a creative way. Students make maths model for school exhibition based on the various concept of mathematics in the form of still maths model such as trigonometry and calculus concept in real life. Still model of mathematics is the model, which are not working means they are standing at a fixed position and explaining the concept.

Maths Model Examples

Maths Models helps students to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge and get real-time experiences. It will help them to grow their skills and thinking capacity along with building the confidence level for the subject. Students can make models on the concept of surface area and volumes of cube and cuboid, comparison of areas of two similar triangles etc. Let us take a mathematical model example:

Calculator: The calculator made up of cardboard, which has four holes, in such a way that first, third, fourth holes will consist of movable numbers, and the second hole will have all the symbols based on the mathematical operations performed such as addition, subtraction, division & multiplication. In this way, we can create a man-made calculator and test the skills of the visitors to the exhibition.

Maths Model for Class 10

Education has changed a lot from what it used to be a decade back. Students are no longer into the mechanism of reading, writing and taking repetitive tests. Maths models for students of class 10, help them to enhance their logical skills. Here let us discuss some examples, which can be useful for class 10 students, which are relevant to their syllabus and they could be easily modelled.

  1. Pythagoras Theorem Model
  2. Congruency of Triangles Model
  3. Circumcentre of different types of triangles Model
  4. Venn Diagram of sets Model
  5. Representation of Circles, tangents, radius, secant, chord, sector of a circle
  6. Comparison of areas of two similar triangles Model
  7. Finding the angles with the help of trigonometric ratios Model
  8. Mean values of given data Model
  9. Probability of random experiments Model
  10. Conic Sections Model
  11. Equations-Algebraic and Quadratic Model

Maths Model for Class 9

Education system demands an interactive learning model that engages students and makes them learn the facts in a fun and easy way. Students, who are pursuing Class 9 can their theoretical knowledge for developing maths models and which are according to their syllabus. Here let us discuss some examples, which can be useful for class 9 students, which are according to their syllabus.

  1. Angle Sum Property of Quadrilaterals Model
  2. Area of Rhombus Model
  3. The total Surface area of a Cuboid Model
  4. Representation of Numbers in a number line Model
  5. Cartesian Plane in Coordinate Geometry Model
  6. Euclid’s Geometry Model
  7. Types of Triangles Model
  8. Shapes of Geometry Model
  9. Probability and Statistics Model
  10. Area and Perimeter of Different types of figures and shapes Model
  11. Types of Angle Model
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