Knowing Our Numbers

Forming the Number from Given Digits

What is the largest four digit number? This is easy, it is 9999. But what is the biggest four-digit number, using only even numbers? Confused? Let us solve your confusion and learn how to form numbers from the given digits.

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Forming the Number from Given Digits

We have already learned about the ascending and descending order of numbers. We imagine the numbers on a number line and accordingly arrange them in the asked order. Now we will be using the same principles to form numbers from given numbers.

Let us take an example. You must form the largest 3 digit number. Well, this is easy, it is 999. But what if we were not to repeat any digit. Then we would take the three biggest single-digit numbers, and arrange them in a descending fashion. The number is 987. Let us learn how to make numbers from a given set of digits.

Forming the Number from Given DigitsThree digit numbers from given three digits

This is simple enough. You arrange the given digits in an ascending or descending order. The numbers in ascending order give you the smallest number, and the numbers in reverse order. i.e. descending order is your biggest number.

For Example, if the three digits are 4,9 and 7
Order: 4 < 7 < 9
Smallest Number: 479
Largest Number: 974

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Three digit numbers from given four digits

The same rule will apply, with only one difference. If one of the digits is 0, then it can not be the first digit of your number while making the smallest number. Because that will form a two-digit number. Let us see an example.

The given digits are 5, 0 and 3
Order: 0 < 3 < 5
Smallest Number: It cannot be 035 since this is a two digit number. So it is 305. Here we interchange the first two digits.
Largest Number: 530

Solved Examples for You

Question 1: Find a smallest four digit number using the digits 7,8,9,5 such that the number thus formed has 9 at its hundreds place and 8 at its one’s place.

  1. 5978
  2. 7598
  3. 7958
  4. None of the Above.

Answer : The actual smallest number from these numbers is 5789, But the question has some conditions. It is given that the 9 will be at the hundreds place and the 8 at the ones. So we look at the remaining two numbers i.e. 5 and 7. And we arrange them in an ascending order. So the resulting number is 5978. Hence option “A” is correct.

Question 2: Make the smallest and largest four digit number from the following three numbers – 6, 9 and 4. You can use one digit twice.

Answer : To make the smallest number, we will repeat the smallest digit, which is 4

Order: 4 ≤ 4 < 6 < 9
Smallest 4 digit number: 4469

And now to form the largest number it will be the biggest number that we will repeat

Order: 9 ≥ 9 > 6 > 4
Largest 4 digit number: 9964

Question 3: What is a digit?

Answer: It refers to a single symbol that we use to make numerals. Such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are the ten common digits we use in everyday numerals. E.g. the numeral 63 is made up of two numerals that are 6 and 3.

Question 4: Are letter digits?

Answer: At some point, a digit is like a letter of the alphabet. I general the alphabets have 26 letters, A through Z, are limited. Moreover, only when we begin using strings of the letter as building blocks t spell out words does the power of letter become superficial.

Question 5: Are finger digits?

Answer: All those digits that are on the hand are known as fingers in English. Though, in some languages, the interpreted version of fingers can mean either the digits on the hand or feet. Besides, a digit on foot has a distinct name of toe in English.

Question 6: Is zero a single-digit number?

Answer: Zero or ‘0’ is clearly a one-digit number. Because there is a weird conventional exception in the rules for the positional notation that states that you can leave all the leading zeroes from any number, except number zero.

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