Science Project on an Electric Bell

What is an Electric bell?

An electric bell is a very useful device. It comprises of a simple circuit that creates a sound when we press its button. This marvellous wonder is quite simple yet very useful.

It applies the principle of electromagnetism in a practical manner. Hence, we must first understand all about an electromagnet to understand the functioning of an electric bell.

electric bell

 The functioning of an Electric Bell

An electric bell depends on two things which are the opening and closing of a circuit plus electromagnet. When the power is running through the circuit of the electric bell, a mounted metal clapper is drawn towards the bell through an electromagnet which strikes it. But, when the electromagnet pulls the clapper, it results in the breaking of the bell circuit.

Thus, when the magnet no longer draws it, the clapper falls back into the resting position. When it’s at its resting position, the clapper completes the circuit again which causes the current to pass back through the electromagnet. This once again draws the clapper towards the electric bell.

Building the Electric Bell

Anyone can easily make an electric bell at their homes. It is the perfect science project which demonstrates practicality and innovation. To build an electric bell, you will need the following things:

  • Wire
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Wooden U frame
  • Wooden screws

Procedure of Electric Bell

Start by wrapping the wire around one of the nails. Remember to sand off any kind of insulation from either of the ends of the wire. This will serve as your electromagnet.

Further, you need to slide the electromagnet through a hole in one upright of your wooden U frame. Use a wooden screw to mount the metal clapper into the bottom interior of your wooden U frame. You can use additional wood screws to mount wires to the wooden frame.

Do it in such a way that the hammerhead is able to move freely back and forth. After that, one wire end from the electromagnet should be connected to the bottom of the clapper.

Then, drill a hole into the other upright of the wooden U frame. Slide the other nail through this hole and attach a regular electric wire to it.

You will then be required to attach the standard wire from the nail to one of the ends of the two AA batteries which are connected in a series, either negative or positive. Then, you must attach then free wire from the electromagnet to the other end of the batteries.

After that, you must mount the whole setup allowing it to lie flat on the wooden board. This makes room for the bell so we can mount it near the head of the clapper. Next up, you will have to adjust both the nails and the electromagnet allowing the clapper to rapidly oscillate back and forth.

Finally, just mount the bell on the wooden board. This will enable the clapper to repeatedly strike it whenever the circuit along with the electromagnet becomes complete. Always remember to never power your homemade bell with an electrical outlet.

Solved Question for You

Question– An electric bell applies which principle in a practical manner?

A. Electromagnetism
B. Gravity
C. Optics
D. Biomagnetism

Answer– The correct answer is option A.

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