How to Make an Electromagnet for Kids

Introduction to How to Make an Electromagnet

An electromagnet is basically a magnet which runs on electricity. The main question is- how to make an electromagnet. The answer to it is rather simple as anyone can make an electromagnet and it is a very fun activity to do.

The question must have arisen in your head as to how to make an electromagnet? Well, to make an electromagnet you will need very easy to find products, sometimes easily available even at your home. Moreover, electromagnets offer a very simple and easy to teach children about basic scientific concepts that will help them greatly in understanding the magnetic properties clearly.

how to make an electromagnet

How Electromagnet Works

This magnet which runs by electricity is not a permanent magnet. We can effortlessly change the strength of an electromagnet by changing the amount of electric current which is flowing through it. Similarly, we can even reverse the poles of an electromagnet by reversing the flow of electricity.

An electromagnet functions properly because an electric current creates a magnetic field. Furthermore, the electric current produces a magnetic field which in turn forms circles around the electric current. Therefore, we see the solution to how to make an electromagnet is not that tough.

Solution to How to Make an Electromagnet

An electromagnet is very easy to make a device. You must be wondering how to make an electromagnet. Well, for that you will need the following things:

  • A large iron nail (size can be about 3 inches)
  • 3 feet of copper wire (must be thin coated)
  • Wirecutter
  • Two fresh D size batteries
  • Washers

 Procedure of Electromagnet

Instead of wondering how to make an electromagnet, let’s dive straight into the procedure. You will have to start by wrapping the wire.

Make sure to leave out at least 10 inches of wire loose at the top end of the nail. After that, coil the rest of the wire down to the bottom of the nail. Avoid overlapping of the wire.

The 10 inches of wire left on the bottom end is very important. You can also cut the wire which will leave another 10 inches of loose wire at the other end if required. Next, you need to strip away around 1 inch of the plastic coating from both ends of the wire. You can use a wire cutter to remove this coating.

Adult supervision is required here as there is a risk of wire springing or cuts while stripping the wire. Furthermore, never attach these wires to AC electrical current or higher battery voltage. It can result in the wire getting hot and causing a fire, electrical shock or burn. You will then attach the wire on the top to one end of a battery.

Using two batteries will enable you to pick up heavier metals. However, remember to not use any voltage higher than two 1.5 volt batteries. Then, the bottom wire must be attached to the other end. At this moment, the nail has turned into a magnet.

To ensure that the electromagnet is working, you must pick up the washer using the magnet. If your magnet is working successfully try to pick up a bigger amount of washers. Subsequently, tape the wire ends that are touching the battery to each end of the battery using two pieces of duct tape.

Solved Question for You

Question– Why is an electromagnet a temporary magnet?

Answer– An electromagnet is one which runs on electricity. So, when there is no supply of electrical current, it won’t function as a magnet.

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