Mensuration Practice Questions

Mensuration Practice Questions section contains all the important question types that you will have to answer in the section. We will talk about volumes and areas in the following section and this will help you check where you stand in the Mensuration Practice Questions. Let us see more.

Mensuration Practice Questions

Section A

Q 1: Find the volume and surface area of a cuboid 16m long, 14 m broad and 7 m high.

A) 868 cm       B) 920 cm               C) 868 cm              D) 920 cm

Q 2: Find the length of the longest pole that can be placed in a room 12 m long, 8m broad and 9 m high.

A) 16 m       B) 17 m           C) 18 m            D) 19 m

Q 3: The volume of a wall, 5 times as high as it is broad and 8 times as long as it is high, is 12.8 cu. meters. Find the breadth of the wall.

A) 0.04m        B) 4m           C) 400 cm              D) 40 cm

Example 4: Find the number of bricks, each measuring 24 cm×12 cm × 8 cm, required to construct a wall 24 m long, 8m high and 60 cm thick if 10% of the wall is filled with mortar?

A) 450        B) 4500          C) 45000              D) 450000

Q5: The area of the base of a rectangular tank is 6500 cm2 and the volume of water contained in it is 2.6 cubic meters. The depth of water in the tank is:

A) 3.5 m         B) 4 m           C) 5 m                 D) 6 m

Q6: Given that one cubic cm of marble weighs 25 gms, the weight of a marble block 28 cm in width and 5 cm thick is 112 kg. The length of the block is:

A) 26.5 cm           B) 32 cm          C) 36 cm           D) 37.5 cm

Q7: Half cubic meter of the gold sheet is extended by hammering so as to cover an area of one hectare. The thickness of the sheet is:

A) 0.0005 cm              B) 0.005 cm                C) 0.05 cm          D) 0.5 cm

Q8: In a shower, 5 cm of rain falls. The volume of water that falls on 1.5 hectares of the ground is:

A) 75 cu m                   B) 750 cu. m               C) 7500 cu. m               D) 75000 cu. m

Mensuration Practice Questions

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: C),  Q2:  B), Q3: D), Q4:  C), Q5: B), Q6: B), Q7: B), Q8: B)

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Section B

Q1: Water flows into a tank 200 m × 150 m through a rectangular pipe 1.5 m × 1.25 m @ 20 kmph. In what time (in minutes) will the water rise by 2 meters?

A) 234 minutes             B) 1.2 hours          C) 9 hours          D) 96 minutes

Q2: The dimensions of an open box are 50 cm, 40 cm, and 23 cm. Its thickness is 3 cm. If 1 cubic cm of metal used in the box weighs 0.5 gms, find the weight of the box.

A) 6. 08 kg             B) 8.04 kg          C) 8.06 kg              D) 6.04 kg

Q3: A cube of edge 15 cm is immersed completely in a rectangular vessel containing water. If the dimensions of the base of the vessel are 20 cm × 15 cm, find the rise in water level.    [RRB 2003]

A) 11 cm                B) 11.11 cm           C) 11. 22 cm            D) 11.25 cm

Q4: A conical vessel, whose internal radius is 12 cm and height 50 cm, is full of some liquid. The contents of this vessel are emptied into a cylindrical vessel with an internal radius of 10 cm. Find the height to which the liquid rises in the cylindrical vessel.

A) 22 cm           B) 23 cm                C) 24 cm           D) 25 cm

Q5: How many spherical bullets can be made out of a lead cylinder 28 cm high and with base radius 6 cm, each bullet being 1.5 cm in diameter?      [RRB 2003]

A) 1600            B) 1793           C) 1601           D) 1792

Q6: If the radius of a sphere is increased by 50%, find the increase percent in volume and the increase percent in the surface area.

A) 95%         B) 100 %        C) 115%         D) 125%

Q7: Two metallic right circular cones having their heights 4.1 cm and 4.3 cm and the radii of their bases 2.1 cm each, have been melted together and recast into a sphere. Find the diameter of the sphere.

A) 4 cm         B) 4.1 cm          C) 4.2 cm              D) 4.3 cm

Q8: A hemispherical bowl of internal radius 9 cm contains a liquid. This liquid is to be filled into cylindrical shaped small bottles of diameter 3 cm and height 4 cm. How many bottles will be needed to empty the bowl?

A) 23             B) 34                 C) 54                     D) 46

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: D), Q2: B), Q3: D), Q4: C), Q5: D), Q6: D), Q7: C), Q8: C)

Section C

Directions: Each of the questions given below consists of a statement and/or a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the given question. Read both the statements and give an answer:

(a) when the data in Statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question.

(b) if the data in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question.

(c) the data either in Statement I or in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question.

(d) if the data even in both Statements I and II together are not efficient to answer the question.

(e) the data in both Statements I and II together are necessary to give the answer.

Q1: What is the weight of the iron beam?

I. The beam is 9 m long, 40 cm wide and 20 cm high.

II. Iron weighs 50 kg per cubic meter.

Q2: What is the volume of 32 meter high cylindrical tank?         [Bank PO 2003]

I. The area of its base is 154 sq. m.

II. The diameter of the base is 14 m.

Q3: What is the volume of a cube?                  [Bank PO 2003]

I. The area of each face of the cube is 64 sq. m.

II. Length of one side of the cube is 8 metres.

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: (e), Q2: (c), Q3: (c)

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