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Jumbled Relations

Jumbled relations, as the name suggests, are questions of the type where the candidates have to follow a set of rules that are meant to confuse the candidate. In questions on jumbled relations, a certain number of quantities are given. In addition to this, clues to finding the relations or sometimes the relations between part of these quantities or people etc. are given and the candidate is asked to find a certain relation.

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Jumbled Relations

Let us begin with an example. A certain gentleman sitting at a bar points to the bartender and shouts, “ The wife of my father’s son is his mother.” The bartender replies, “ His father has one son and no daughters.” What is the relation between the bartender and the gentleman at the counter?

Well, what did you guess? The answer is that the bartender is the gentleman’s son. Fairly simple example. All you needed to know was that the bartender’s mother is the wife of the gentleman’s father’s son! And from the second statement which stated that the gentleman was the only son of his father, the relationship is established. Now let us try another jumbled example.

Example of Jumbled Relations

An elderly gentleman sitting on a bench points to a person and says, “He is the brother of the son of my son’s son.” Who does the elderly man point to?

As the difficulty of these questions increases, i.e. as the relations become more and more complex, you will find it very convenient to draw a family tree. Every relationship problem can be solved easily by drawing a family tree. A simple family tree is shown below.

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Jumbled Puzzles

Q: You are given a group of five people namely A, B, C, D, and E. Out of the five people one is a physicist, one is a lawyer, one is a biologist, one is a writer and one is an engineer. The physicist, A, and B prefer scotch. The engineer and D prefer tea.The physicist is the brother of E. Who among the five is the physicist?

Answer: There you go, figure that one out! It is difficult to solve these jumbled relations without mapping the problem. To begin it break the problem down into statements and see what clue is contained in each statement. Next, sum these clues up and see what is the final relation or the final answer.

A         B         C         D         E

Statement 1: “Out of the five people one is a physicist, one is a lawyer, one is a biologist, one is a writer and one is an engineer”. This gives you the set of possible clues and answers.

Statement 2: “The physicist, A, and B prefer scotch”. This tells us that A and B are not physicists.

Statement 3: “The engineer and D prefer tea.” D is not the engineer. Either E or C is the physicist.

Statement 4: “The physicist is the brother of E”. E is also not the physicist. So the physicist is C.

Jumbled Relations

Another Jumble

A, B, C, D, and E are five close friends. One of them is a doctor, one is an engineer, one is a lawyer, and two are businessmen. In some locality called L, one of the businessmen and the lawyer stay together. The other three stay in three different localities M, N and O. Out of these five friends, two are Hindus. The other three people are from three different religions. One is a  Muslim, one a Christian and the other a Sikh.

Solved Example

One of the businessmen, who owns a factory, is the youngest of the lot while the lawyer is the oldest of the group. The remaining businessman sells cloth and his age lies between the doctor and the lawyer. D sells cloth and resides in the locality L. E is a Muslim and stays in the locality O. B is a Sikh and the Christian is a doctor who also stays in locality M. A owns a factory and is a Hindu. Who stays in locality N?

Answer: There are too many statements here and considering each separately will not simplify the situation much. The answer is that A lives in locality N, let’s see how:

Just from the given statements, you shall arrive at the conclusion that it is either A or B that lives in the locality N. You shall also see that A and D are both Hindus and businessmen. While D stays in L, there is no clear statement as to the locality of A.

Since it is also stated that in one of the localities, one of the lawyers and the businessmen stay together, we can say that as A owns a factory, B must be a lawyer. So A must reside in the locality N. We will make the following mapping of the problem.

Summary Table

Profession Factory Owner Lawyer Doctor Cloth merchant Engineer
Religion Hindu Sikh Christian Hindu Muslim
Locality N L M L O

Therefore, A stays in locality N.

Practice Questions

Q 1: A student of a college points to his professor says, ” His only brother is the father of my daughter`s father.” How is the professor related to the student?

  1. Grandfather
  2. Uncle
  3. Father
  4. Data Insufficient

Answer: 2) Uncle

Q 2: Pointing to a photograph Afreen said, “This man’s son’s sister is my mother-in-law.” How is her husband related to the man in the photograph?

  1. Son
  2. Nephew
  3. Grandson
  4. Son-in-law

Answer: 3) Grandson

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