Electricity And Circuits

Electric Cell

Electricity is essential for day to day life. Have we ever thought of living without electricity? Do we have any alternative which can give us light without a supply of electricity? These are the questions which worked as a catalyst towards the invention of the electric cell which we can use to generate electricity.

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This can function by receiving electric supply from a cell which is made of different chemicals and can store electricity for some period of time. Is this a constant source of electricity? Can we store this for better use? Let us study more.

Electric Cell

An electric cell is something that provides electricity to different devices that are not fed directly or easily by the supply of electricity. It has two terminals. One is the positive terminal and another one is the negative terminal.

electric cell

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Electric Bulb

A bulb has two terminals. The bulb has a spirally wound wire, filament, inside it. Two thick wires at the ends support this filament. An electric cell is connected to the terminals of the bulb. Hence, electricity from it passes through the bulb. The filament in the bulb glows and emits light. This is because the circuit is complete now.

Identification of Positive and Negative Terminals

  • Just under the plus sign, an electric cell has a cap. This is the positive terminal. At the other end, just above the disc, there is a flat metallic disc with a minus sign which is known as the negative terminal.
  • These positive and negative terminals of the cell are important because these can be used to connect it to various devices. There is a chemical inside the cell. It is a dark powdery stuff. To provide electricity to the device it is connected to this chemical that helps it.
  • The strength of a chemical decreases, when a cell is connected to a device. Finally, the device connected to it stops functioning when the entire energy of the chemical is spent.

Question For You

Q. How is electric cell related to torch bulb?

Ans: An electric cell only provides electricity and that is the reason the bulb will glow. It provides electricity to so many devices, for example, alarm clocks, toys, pocket radios, emit light. Inside the torch, the bulb has a filament which is supported by two thick wires at its ends. When with the two terminals of the bulb, the +ve & -ve terminals are connected then electricity passes through the filament and it starts glowing.

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