Renewable Resources – Definition and Examples

Renewable Resources

As we are facing issues of climate change, it is important more than ever to learn about renewable resources. We need to realize the importance of these resources to secure a future for ourselves. Moreover, there must be measures taken to utilize them without fail to conserve our non-renewable resources.

Definition of Renewable Resources

While we know that there are two types of resources. One is renewable and the other is non-renewable. As the non-renewable resources are limited, we need to focus more on conserving them instead of using them. Similarly, our aim should be to use more and more renewable resources.

Examples of Renewable Resources

In other words, this has a lot of advantages to it other than saving non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are ones which have the power to replenish over time. There are essentially five of them. They are solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydropower. They are unlimited and we can’t run out of them. Thus, we must divert our attention to using them more.

renewable resources

Solar Power

We know the sun is a great source of energy. We can collect this energy to convert it to heat and electricity. There are other useful ways too of using it for our benefit. Although, the sun is not always visible, nonetheless, we can use it through solar panels during the daytime.

This will help is saving loads of electricity. Solar power is the future which everyone must opt for. It is also very cost-effective. Moreover, it is also sufficient to power small communities.

Hydro Power

Hydropower refers to the power which we generate through the kinetic energy of flowing water. Water has a lot of mass so the flowing water has a great measure of velocity. Thus, energy can be created using this velocity.

However, just like sunlight, the water flowing in an area is unpredictable. Nonetheless, we can use this energy through various projects. For instance, dams and artificial lakes help us so many times in periods of need.

Wind Power

Wind power is quite a great renewable resource. It refers to moving of air in directions which helps in creating energy. We can use wind power to create electricity as well. It is very cost-effective too.

However, just like solar power, wind patterns cannot be predicted as well. Thus, it sometimes does not function well, but, it is still a great alternative.


Biofuels are also called biomass. They denote a varied and swiftly growing form of renewable energy. We can convert a number of materials from living things to energy.

For instance, we can use decaying plants, garbage, manure, and even sewage. These fuels will help in reducing the carbon footprint. Furthermore, it will also help in the proper disposal of waste.

Geothermal Power

We derive this power from heat energy. This heat energy releases from the earth within. It is very highly reliable and we can easily generate it locally. Therefore, we see it as a very cost-effective option.

In other words, heat moves from the core of the earth to the mantel of the earth. This results in the hot underground springs. Likewise, we may also use this heat for a number of purposes. Thus, geothermal is a very reasonable option for a renewable resource.

Solved Question for You

Question- Which of these is not a renewable resource?

A. Solar power
B. Wind power
C. Geothermal Power
D. Fossil fuels.

Answer– The correct answer is option D. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources. They cannot replenish, at least not at the rate at which we are using them. They are finite and will run out soon if we do not conserve them soon enough.

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