List of Best Conductor of Electricity

Best Conductor of Electricity

As you know, conductors are good distributors of heat and electricity. The electric conductors possess portable electrically charged particles which we refer to as electrons. Similarly, when we apply an electric charge to metal, these electrons move to allow the flow of electricity. So, let’s take a look at the best conductor of electricity.

best conductor of electricity

Similarly, the substances that have high electron mobility are known as good conductors. And, the ones which do not have good electron mobility are known as bad conductors or insulators.

List of Best Conductor of Electricity

Metals like copper, gold, silver, steel, aluminium and brass and some of the most common and best conductor of electricity. All these possess individual properties which help them to come in use for various purposes.


Gold is said to be one of the best conductor of electricity. Unlike other metals, gold does not tarnish easily when we expose it to air. On the other hands, other metals like steel or copper corrode when they are in contact with oxygen for a long time. Moreover, it also stays conductive for a longer period.

However, gold is quite expensive. We use it in only specific materials like circuit board parts or maybe small electrical connectors. On the other hand, gold plating is also done on some substances for use as an electric conductor. Similarly, this plating also helps in reducing manufacture costs.

Copper and Silver

They are one of the most common and best conductor of electricity. Silver has a large number of movable atoms which makes it a fine conductor. In other words, a good conductor possesses a higher amount of free electrons which allow easy movement of electrons in return producing more conductivity.

But, just like gold, silver is also quite costly when we compare it to other metals. That is why we utilize it in mostly special equipment like circuit boards or satellites. On the other hand, copper is not as conductive as silver. But, it is cheaper making it a common component in household items.

Most of the wires you will find in your homes are plated with copper. Further, we also use copper wire to wrap the electromagnet cores. It is indeed easy to solder it and wrap into wires. Therefore, we use it frequently when we need a great amount of conductive material.

Steel and Brass Alloys

Steel is an alloy of iron. It definitely comes in the list of best conductor of electricity. This metal is inflexible and corrodes greatly when we expose it to air. We do not use it in small products or machines due to the difficulties in casting. Therefore, we use steel to encase other conductors or for a big structure.

Brass is also an alloy and quite a tensile metal. The easy bending and moulding of this metal make it perfect to use in small machines. It, however, does not corrode as easily as steel and is also more conductive. The rates are not that high and it’s also worthwhile as compared to steel alloy which is good when bought first.


Aluminium is also quite the best conductor of electricity. Moreover, it is more conducive when we compare it to copper. Further, it also does not cost as much as copper making it quite reasonable in comparison. We use it in household items and wiring.

However, it is not that common and is sometimes we can avoid due to its structural drawbacks. It mainly has a use for high-voltage transmission lines like phone cables overhead and more.

Solved Question for You

Question– Which of the following metals are not good conductors of electricity?

A. Tungsten
B. Gold
C. Aluminium
D. Copper

Answer– The correct answer is option A.

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