Why Should We Conserve Fossil Fuels?

Fossil Fuels

We have read a great deal about fossil fuels while growing up. You know they are a great asset to mankind. Moreover, there are countries which have taken a pledge to make the switch to renewable energy. Therefore, all the gadgets and electricity of that country will be powered through the energy of fossil fuels only. But, we must not forget to save fuel for better environment.

Meaning of Fossil fuels

Fossil fuel is a fuel which is created by natural resources. They are non-renewable resources which help in creating energy. They include coal, petroleum goods like gasoline and oil plus natural gas. We burn them at power stations to drive turbines. This, in turn, helps create electricity. Similarly, car engines also burn fossil fuels. In addition to home furnaces and water heaters.

save fuel for better environment

Origin of Fossil fuels

Contrary to popular belief, fossil fuels do not come from the decay of dinosaurs. However, the dinosaurs were very much present on earth while these were forming. The main source of coal is the decomposed plant matter. Furthermore, the oil comes from decayed plankton which is a microscopic sea creature. Natural gas is also said to be a by-product of decomposed plants as well as micro-organisms.

Various countries are increasing their usage of fossil fuels gradually. All this is found in quite an abundance in earth’s crust. Nonetheless, there is also very much aware of the importance to save fuel for better environment. It is the need of the hour because of the limitedness of these resources. Moreover, they also contribute to global warming upon burning.

The Good and Bad of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are very important economically. Similarly, the industry of fossil fuels employs a massive amount of workers all over the world. Most importantly, various countries depend on it.

However, fossil fuels are also very dirty. They create atmospheric pollutants which also includes carbon dioxide. Similarly, it also contributes largely to climate change and global warming. Furthermore, this resource is non-renewable.

Therefore, it will run out sooner or later. This is why; we must save fuel for better environment and a brighter future for our future generations.

Save Fuel for Better Environment

We see how we need to conserve fossil fuels to create a better environment. We can take up more energy-efficient technologies to help in extending the present petroleum, coal, and gas. However, if most of the economies will make the switch to renewable resources, we can save it better.

Most importantly, the reason why we should be conserving fossil fuels must not be selfish completely. The environment needs time to recover and that must be our main motive. To allow it time to heal and replenish its resources and condition.

Moreover, we burn petroleum, coal plus the natural gas. Our air fills up with dangerous pollutants. This releases very harmful gases like nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide plus a lot of other hydrocarbons. This harmful release also stops the heat of the earth from fleeing into space. Therefore, the temperature of the earth just keeps rising.

Other than that, they also create smog and cause respiratory diseases. Similarly, these gases especially carbon dioxide acidifies the oceans. It results in the death of various aquatic animals.

Thus, when we conserve fuel for a better environment, we will also slow the rate of atmospheric warming as well as ocean acidification. This will positively allow our mother earth to heal and recover from the loss. Otherwise, our earth will reach its tipping points fast where it will be in a state of beyond repair. Worst case scenario, the earth will no longer remain habitable and this is reason enough to conserve the fossil fuels.

Solved Question for You

Question- Which of the below is not a fossil fuel?

A. Coal
B. Petroleum
C. Oil
D. Metal

Answer- The correct answer is option D.

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