Types of Grassland Ecosystems

Grassland Ecosystem

Grasslands grow in the area where there is less moisture in the soil. Furthermore, the grassland ecosystem contains plants that do not grow much. They remain shorter in height as they do not receive much rainfall.

However, they can survive in areas like these as their roots are deep within the soil. As a result, they can receive moisture from the soil. The vegetation of the grassland ecosystem depends on the amount of precipitation it is receiving.

Moreover, the different types of grasslands have different types of animal species. These species adapted the environment of the climate they are living in.

Types of Grassland Ecosystem

Grassland ecosystem contains five types of grasslands that are:

  • Tropical Grasslands
  • Temperate Grasslands
  •  Flooded Grasslands
  • Montane Grasslands
  •  Desert Grassland

grassland ecosystem

Tropical Grasslands

Tropical Grasslands are the ones which receive 50 cm to 130 cm rain. Furthermore, they have both rainy and dry days. As a result, they are warm all year round.

Moreover, tropical grasslands are also called Savanna. These grasslands contain shrubs and small trees that are dry in nature.

Also, the tropical grasslands contain quite short plants which makes it an excellent hunting ground. For instance, the African savanna is one of the tropical grasslands.

In conclusion, the tropical grassland is a home for elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, zebras, and other spectacular species.

Temperate Grasslands

Temperate grasslands receive rainfall of the range 25 cm and 75 cm. Furthermore, the climate in the temperate grasslands makes it both dormant and growing.

Moreover, these grasslands suffer extreme climates. In the cold season, the temperature can reach up Flooded Grasslands to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

While in the summer season it reaches up to 90 degrees in some areas. The precipitation in these grasslands is mostly in the form of dew and snow.

For instance, some vegetation that grows here are, cacti, sagebrush, perennial grasses, buffalo grass clovers, and wild indigos, etc.

Flooded Grasslands

The flooded grasslands are having water all year-round. Furthermore, these grasslands contain numerous vegetation that grows in water.

Various water birds migrate to these areas while some are residents of it. Most Noteworthy the Everglades is the world’s largest flooded grasslands.

Furthermore, it features various types of birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, seed-bearing plants, amphibians, and butterflies, etc.

Montane Grasslands

Montane means ‘ high altitude’ therefore these are the grasslands that are high altitude shrublands. These are called high altitude because they are above the tree line level of the ground.

Moreover, the plants found here have a rosette structure, abundant pilosity, and waxy surfaces. For instance, the northern Andes contain this type of habitat.

Desert Grasslands

The desert grasslands are the type of grasslands that separates the true desert of the lowlands and the montane grasslands.

Furthermore, these grasslands receive very low precipitation. As a result, these are the hottest and the driest grasslands.

These grasslands are mostly scattered as they are dependent on the areas of rainfall. Since the precipitation varies through regions.

Therefore the vegetation of the grasslands also varies. Moreover, various types of animals are present in these grasslands.

For instance reptiles like the prairie rattlesnake, western diamondback, gopher snake is present here. Furthermore, birds like Horned lark, Larkbunting, Meadowlarks, scaled quail are present here.

Solved Question For You

Question. Which grasslands have water all year-round?

A. Temperate Grasslands
B. Tropical Grasslands
C. Flooded Grasslands
D. Desert Grasslands

Answer- The option ‘c’ is the correct answer. Flooded grasslands have water all year-round. As a result, it is the home for many migrating birds. These are the only grasslands which contain various species of fishes. Furthermore, it has different plants that grow only in water.

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