Speech for Students

Speech on Air Pollution for Students and Children

Speech on Air Pollution

My Greetings to everybody present over here and thanks for giving your precious time. Today I would like to deliver a speech on Air Pollution which has become a major challenge in recent times. In spite of a monologue, I would like it to be a fruitful interaction, hence your views are welcome. Air pollution means mixing of external hazardous gases and particulate matter in the air, which ultimately route inside our body through inhalation. These gradually lead to respiratory disorders and hence affect the health of human beings. Hence nowadays air pollution is becoming a major concern for humanity.

speech on air pollution

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Causes of Air Pollution

There could be various causes of air pollution in today’s world. The world is developing at the cost of the environment. Today’s society in view of modernization is neglecting the mother nature and thereby adopting the lifestyle which ultimately cost us on our health.

The number of vehicles on road has increased tremendously in the past few decades, hence the emission level has also gone up. This can be very well seen by an increase in ppm-level. The severe pollution level in Delhi is an alarming situation for all of us.

Also, the smoke coming out of factories or the poisonous gases coming out of chemical factories are polluting the air. We have seen one major tragedy of air pollution in the form of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The increase in usage of Air conditioners in homes is also a cause of air pollution.

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Effect of Air Pollution

Also, the different dangerous gases or smoke, when enters the pregnant ladies, cause the unborn child to come in contact with it before taking the birth. These children tend to have a high possibility of respiratory diseases as compared to other children.

The decrease in trees and plants leads to an imbalance in nature. It causes Global warming and depletion of the Ozone layer. Global warming leads to an imbalance of the natural cycle and hence de freezing of polar ice, which is again a foreseen danger. The depletion of the ozone layer allows the infrared rays to enter our atmosphere, thereby causing skin diseases.

The air pollution is affecting the animals as well. It causes acid rains which leads to the death of a lot of animals and marine creatures. Increasing allergic patients nowadays are due to air pollution only. Asthma is affecting the people of all age groups starting from 0 years of age.


Nature is an asset given to us. It has given life to living beings. And to pass on this asset to our offsprings as it is, we need to take good care of it. If we need our future generations to grow up in a healthy environment, then we need to take the steps now.

We need to stop cutting the trees for the sake of the construction of residential colonies or factories. We need to adopt public transports for long distances and bicycles for shorter distances, so as to reduce the smoke and emissions and thereby reducing air pollution. Mother Nature needs to be taken care of well for the flourishing of our upcoming generations. Let’s take a pledge now to respect and protect our environment.

Thank you all for listening and for giving your precious time.

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