Speech for Students

Speech on Disaster Management for Students and Children

Speech on Disaster Management

Good morning one and all present here. I am here to share my thoughts with you all through my speech on disaster management. I am extremely obliged to be given this opportunity to deliver this speech. Disaster is a calamity of sudden happening. A disaster causing injury and death to a large number of people during a short span of time. Disasters have caused by reasons such as earthquakes, heavy rainfall, hurricane, chemical accident, drought, or even armed conflict. There is a huge change in climatic conditions on earth. Summer days are increasing and winters are decreasing. All these changes are leading to excessive natural disasters.


Speech on disaster management

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Disaster management is the primary and secondary plan of peoples to decrease the risk of disasters and to deal with disasters. Disaster management handles the natural calamity and disasters efficiently. In some cases, Disaster management may not avoid the situation. But it can surely minimize the impacts. The indirect or direct effects of disasters are always destruction, damage, and death. It also causes the loss of life of both animals and human beings.

Importance of Disaster Management

Disaster Management is very important in recent times. It is tackling the hazards that occur before, during and after the disaster. Disaster management is a similar act as consuming medicine for curing a disease. Disaster can also be in any form of epidemic diseases or industrial failures such as Bhopal gas tragedy or the disaster of Fukushima nuclear power plant, etc.

In the event of a disaster, proper preparations are essential for managing the situation. Proper mechanisms help to minimize the effect. Predicting the probability of some types of disasters can help in decreasing the vulnerability of the people.

Disaster management team help in rehabilitation and in minimizing the loss of lives and properties. This is because they have trained professionals. They provide physical and materialistic assistance. But also help in the emotional rehabilitation of people.

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Disaster Management in India

National disaster management authority (NDMA) is the leading Govt organization. NDMA formulate the Policies and guidelines for disaster management to ensure timely and effective response towards disasters. The government of India also keeps a separate fund known as the ‘contingency fund of India’ to manage disasters in India.

Functions of NDMA are Administration, Policies formation for disaster management, Mitigation of disasters, Approval of the plans laid down, Formation of funds for the purpose of mitigation of disasters, Running various programs and imparting guidelines.

A number of activities need to be executed in the event of a disaster. This involves the coordination, command, and full control for rapid assessment of damage, restoration of power, telecommunication, and transportation. Also, supply medicines, drinking water, and food material. NDMA team does the setting up of temporary shelters, sanitation, and hygiene identification and earmarking of resources.


On this note, I would like to conclude that Disaster management is a collective and coordinated effort. Everyone must take an active part in disaster management to reduce the risk of human life. The proper disaster management team can take charge as soon as possible when the disaster strikes.  I am fully confident that everyone sitting here will remember this and will also help for spreading awareness among other citizens. It is necessary to solve this biggest problem related to nature and human life.


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