Speech for Students

Speech on Sports for Students and Children

Speech on Sports

To keep the body healthy sports are very important. Also, it is an important factor in our education. Furthermore, education aims in the all-round development of mental, moral, and physical development. Read speech on sports here.

Speech on Sports

Besides, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and makes a person sound. While on the other hand, a weak mind can neither have a strong mind nor a strong body.

Importance of sports

If you observe some people then you will notice that human life is a series of tension and problems. Also, they have a variety of concerns relating to their life. Sport is something that makes us free from these troubles, concerns, and tensions.

Moreover, they are an essential part of life who believe in life are able to face the problems. They help in the proper operation of various organs of the body. Furthermore, they refresh our mind and the body feel re-energized.

They also make muscle strength and keep them in good shape. In schools and colleges, they consider sports as an important part of education. Also, they organize sports competitions of different kinds.

In schools, they organize annual sports events. And on a daily basis, they have a specific period for sports and games. In this period teachers teach them the ways to play different sports and games.

These sports and games teach students new things and they have a bond with them. In addition, sports help them develop self-confidence and courage. Also, they become active and swift. And success fills them with motivation and eagerness.

We all knew the importance of games in the world. Consequently, now the Olympics (one of the biggest sports events) held in different countries. They held every fourth year. Moreover, the Asian Games is the biggest sports event on the Asian continent. Over, the year the interest of people in sports have increased many folds.

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Sports in India

We Indians love to play games and sports. Some of the prominent ones are cricket, football, hockey, polo, chess, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, etc. Among these cricket is the most popular one. It attracts the young generation towards it.

Furthermore, People feel delighted to see the live broadcasts of cricket and other sports events. These sports and games are important for increasing national unity.


We can learn the value of good health by the proverb- “A sound mind lies in a sound body.” They teach us to obey and also learns to command the body. Also, it teaches us to work as a team to achieve the goal.

Most importantly, the biggest advantage of sports and games is that they inculcate in our lives and teach us the quality of teamwork. And if you understand it completely then there is nothing that can stop you.


They often turn towards regular trade and profession. Sometimes it leads to rivalry and party feeling. Often it happens that many bright students sacrifice their careers because of sports and games. Moreover, it is harmful to those who have health problems.

To conclude, they increased physical and mental ability. While playing sports and games fresh air enters our lungs. Due to the changed mentality of people towards sports and games now sports players receive honors and proper respect in society.

Moreover, the government and organizations are trying their best to promote sports and games throughout the country. And they are getting value for the people. Most importantly, they help in the building of the country.

Overall sports and games teach us many valuable lessons and things in life. However, it’s up to us to decide whether we want to instill them or not.

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