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Speech on Generation Gap for Students and Children

Speech on Generation Gap                                                                                 

A very hearty Good morning to all my teachers and students present in the auditorium. With the help of the Speech on Generation Gap, I would like to draw your attention to an important phenomenon “Generation Gap”.  Generation Gap means different persons taking birth in different time periods.  Also, we can understand it as to how one generation varies from the other. Since the time is changing; human-beings have evolved and become more advanced and developed than the earlier ones. This is what has created the Generation Gap.

Speech on Generation Gap 

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Well, this gap is very natural to exist. But is it friendly or creating worries in the parent-child relationship today?  Unfortunately, it has been seen to have an adverse effect on the relations between the kids and their parents. The two generations have conflicts in opinions, ideologies, traditions, and customs.

While the former have traditional ways of thinking, the latter refuses to accept them. Thus, it is very important to bridge this gap to develop a strong bond of love and happiness in families. Only by bridging this gap, we can cherish the beautiful relations gifted by God to us.

Effect of Generation-Gap on The Relations

As time has evolved, the youth have also developed modern ways of thinking and living. Many a time, these changes do not conform to the thinking, belief, and expectations of the parents. They want their children to follow their advice and guidelines.

However, youth is full of energy and enthusiasm. They want to explore the world. They develop a judgemental attitude. Although, they are taught to believe in some things, yet they refuse. They are ready to accept anything only on the basis of apt rationale and logic behind it.

The ideas differ and so the conflict arises. Parents feel that their children do not listen to them. Also, children feel that their parents don’t understand them. These factors cause strain in the parent-child relationship.

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How to Bridge This Gap?

The generation gap is an issue that can be resolved smoothly if both generations try to understand each other views and opinions. Parents should try to maintain a friendly attitude with their children. They must appreciate their innovative ideas.

Also, the children should share some time with their parents. Moreover, they should communicate their ideas and parents should take the time to understand their viewpoints. Children should also accept the valuable guidelines given by their parents.

Each of the generations should try to understand that neither can be completely right or wrong. Both the parents and children should trust each other. Parents should respect the individual differences and thus nourish youth with care. Also, the youth must allow the parents to guide and should seek their advice.


We can fill the gap between the two generations through acceptance and understanding. Parents should communicate and build a friendly relationship with their children. Moreover, they must acknowledge the child’s efforts to explore his or her identity. The child should also trust his parents and discuss the problems faced in the process.

The parents must listen to them, understand their ways of thinking and provide valuable assistance. The child also has to understand that his parents will always advise him for good.  If this kind of mutual trust, understanding and acceptance are established between both parties, we can cope with the Generation gap very effectively.


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