Computer and Network Security

Computer network security is policies and rules to prevent attackers and virus from contaminating the computer. Therefore the network security is also important. Since computer security and network security are interdependent. Hence the security is an integral part of the network. To know more about the computer and network security explore the article more!!.

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Computer Security

Computer security is protecting your computer from thefts and virus affecting your computer. It provides integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the computer system. Therefore the three components of the computer security are

  1. Hardware: the physical component of the security system.
  2. Firmware:  the permanent software that runs the processes of the computer
  3. Software: the programming that offers services to the user and administrator.


Q1. What special feature makes the smartcard so flexible to use?

  1.  the ability to protect stored information
  2. the use of a microprocessor and programmable memory
  3. the high speeds at which it is able to operate
  4. the capability of storing huge amounts of information per unit of area

Answer: the use of a microprocessor and programmable memory, Since the smart card is not faster than any other type of card by any considerable margin. The single most significant advantage is the presence of a microprocessor, which makes this device programmable. Memory cards are not useful for ‘dynamic situations’, where information is changing all the time. hence the answer is the use of a microprocessor and programmable memory.

Q2.Which of the following methods can most effectively be used to prevent a logical breach of security?

  1. operating system and other system software
  2. computer architectural design
  3. distributed systems design
  4. network design

Answer: Operating system and other systems software,  Since all the alternatives are to protect a network. The most effective of these is the use of operating systems. Therefore the answer is Operating system and other systems software.

Q3. Which of the following is the primary cause of ‘invisible’ damage?

  1. viruses
  2. computer misuse
  3. computer fraud
  4. theft

Answer: Viruses, Since one of the problems with any logical breach of security, is that damage is invisible and its extent is unknown. This is particularly true for viral infections.  The other alternatives do not exhibit the ‘invisible’ effect that viruses do. Hence virus is the answer.

Network Security

Network security


Network security is used to prevent and monitor authorized access misuse and denial of network security. authentication is commonly verifying the user login credentials. Similarly, it also provides authorization of user credentials.  Hence preventing network attacks is the main focus of a network security. Hence the types of network attacks are as follows

  • Passive
    • port scanner
    • traffic analysis
    • Encryption
  • Active
    • viruses
    • data modification
    • DOS
    • man in middle

Therefore, these are the types of attack on the network. Since there are 2 types of attacks, the security system must have different ways to solve this attacks. Hence it also needs two different approaches.


Q1. Which of the following is not a valid input to the PRF in SSLv3?

  1. secret value
  2. identifying label
  3. initialization vector
  4. secret value

Answer: Initialization vector, Since the PRF does not require an initialization vector. Therefore the answer is initialization vector.

Q2. The certificate message is required for any agreed-on key exchange method except _______________

  1.  Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman
  2. Anonymous Diffie-Hellman
  3. Fixed Diffie-Hellman
  4. RSA

Answer: Anonymous Diffie- Hellman, Since in any other certificate message key exchange is required.Hence the answer is Anonymous Diffie- Hellman.

Q3. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: True,  HTTPS is HTTP invoked over SSL/TLS. Hence the statement is true.

Practice Questions

Q1. WPA2 is used for security in

  1. ethernet
  2. bluetooth
  3. wi-fi
  4. none of the mentioned

Answer: Wi-fi

Q2. An attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users is called

  1. denial-of-service attack
  2. virus attack
  3. worms attack
  4. botnet process

Answer: denial-of-service attack.

Q3.The extensible authentication protocol is authentication framework frequently used in

  1. wired personal area network
  2. wireless networks
  3. wired local area network
  4. none of the mentioned

Answer: wireless networks.

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