Computer Network Practice Problems

A computer network is a collection of various computing machines that are able to share each other’s resources in a mannerly fashion. Computer network is at the centre of all the modern processes and computational exercises. A computer network makes the world wide web possible. It is through a computer network that all the technological advances are made and the concept of forming and maintaining a computer network is basic to almost all modern professions. Here we have a section that has most interesting questions testing your knowledge about computer networks. Let us see more!

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Networking Practice Questions

Networking Practice Questions has questions based on the concepts of Computer Networks, The OSI Model, Computer and Network Security, Internet and the World Wide Web. Here we will see many previous years questions which will not only help you get a total recap of what you have learned but also let you understand the type of challenges and the level of difficulty that you must expect.

Part A

Q1: Hub is associated with ……. network.    [S B I Clerk 2011]

A) Bus             B) Ring                     C) Star                     D) Mesh                       E) All of the above

Q2: Multiplexing involves ……. path and …………….. channel.              [S B I Clerk, 2011]

A) one, one                B) one, multiple                   C) multiple, one                   D) multiple, multiple               E) None of the above

Q3: The advantage of L A N is   [S B I Clerk, 2012]

A) sharing peripherals                      B) backing up your data                  C) saving all your data                  D) accessing the web               E) automatic printing of data

Q4: Which type of network would use phone lines?              [S B I Clerk 2012]

A) W A N                     B) L A N                              C) W W A N                      D) Wireless                    E) None of the above

Q5: Servers are those computers which provide resources to other computers connected by:    [S B I Clerk 2009]

A) network                  B) backup system                        C) server                D) peripheral                     E) modem

Q6: A combination of hardware and software that allows communication and electronic transfer of information between computers is a:               [S B I Clerk 2012]

A) network                   B) backup system                     C) server               D) peripheral                E) modem

Q7: What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?         [Allahbad Bank Clerk, 2010]

A) Printers                   B) Speakers               C) Floppy Disk Drives                         D) Keyboards                   E) None of the above

Q8: A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be:     [I B P S Clerk, 2012]

A) distributed             B) cabled                  C) centralized D) open source                  E) wireless

computer network

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: C), Q2: B), Q3: A), Q4: A), Q5: A), Q6: A), Q7: A), Q8: E)

Part B

Q1: ……… is the most important/ powerful computer in a typical network.       [S B I P. O. 2013]

A)   Network station                B) Network Client                  C)  Desktop                  D)Network server                     E) Network switch

Q2: P2P is a …….. application architecture.      [I B P S Clerk 2012]

A) client/ server                  B) distributed                  C) centralised                        D) 1 – tier               E) None of the above

Q3: Which of the following represents the fastest data transmission speed?         [S B I Clerk, 2012]

A) Bandwidth                      B) bps                C) gbps                      D) kbps                  E) mbps

Q4: In O S I network architecture, the routing is performed by:          [I B P S Clerk 2012]

A) network layer                         B) data link layer                      C) transport layer                  D) session layer                     E) None of the above

Q5: Which of the following is considered a broadband communication channel?     [S B I P. O. 2010]

A) Coaxial cable                B) Fiber optics cable          C) Microwave circuits            D) All of these            E) None of the above

Q6: How many bits are there in the ethernet address?               [S B I clerk 2011]

A) 64 bits                     B) 48 bits                   C) 32 bits                  D) 16 bits                  E) None of these

Q7: How many layers are in the T C P/ I P model?     [S B I Clerk 2011]

A) 4 layers                B) 5 layers                       C) 6 layers                    D) 7 layers                   E) None of these

Q8: Ethernet, token ring and token bus are types of?     [S B I Associates 2012]

A) W A N                   B) L A N                     C) Communication channels              D) Physical medium               E) None of the above

Q9: Which of the following items is not used in Local Area Networks (L A Ns)?   [S S C  C G L 2012]

A) Interfaced card                        B) Cable                        C) Computer                   D) Modem

Q10: Which is the name of the network topology in which there are bidirectional links between each possible node?       [S S C     C G L 2012]

A) Ring                B) Start                C) Tree                  D) Mesh

Q11: An alternate name for the completely interconnected network topology is:            [S S C           C G L    2012]

A) mesh              B) star                 C) tree                  D) ring

Find Your Answer Here

Q1: D), Q2: A), Q3: C), Q4: A), Q5: D), Q6: B), Q7: B), Q8: B), Q9: D), Q10: D), Q11: A)

Part C

Q1: The secret code that gives you access to some program is?          [Punjab And Sindh Bank Clerk, 2010]

A) clue               B) cue                    C) password            D) help                E) None of the above

Q2: Sending an E-mail is similar to?    [S B I Clerk 2011]

A) writing a letter                  B) drawing a picture                    C) talking on the phone                    D) sending a package    E) None of the above

Q3: Which of the following is the communication protocol that sets the standard used by every computer that accesses web-based information?            [S B I P. O. 2010]

A) X M L                         B) D M L                     C) H T T P                     D) H T M L                    E) None of the above

Q4: Which of the following is required to create an H T M L document?    [I B P S Clerk, 2011]

A) Browser                    B) Internet                          C) Text Editor                    D) Search engine                      E) None of the above

Q5: If you receive an E-mail from someone you don’t know what should you do?             [S B I Clerk, 2008]

A) Forward it to the police immediately.

B) Delete it without opening it.

C) Open it and respond to them saying that you don’t know them.

D) Reply and ask them for their personal information.

E) Reply and tell them you want to keep in touch with them.

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: C), Q2: A), Q3: C), Q4: C), Q5: B)

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