Security Tools, Virus, Hacking

The computer has become a very important section of the banking exam. Today in this section, we are going to study about the security tools, virus, and hacking in computer.

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Security Tools – Computer Security

Security Tools

                                    Security Tools, Virus, Hacking,

Computer security which is also termed as cybersecurity nowadays is the protection against the damage of the hardware or theft, protection to software and the information stored in it as well as the disruption in the services they provide. The security tools of the computer on which it is based on our trust, authenticity, integrity, and privacy.

Threats and their classification into one of the Categories

Back doors: A cryptosystem or a back door in any computer system is the secret method of bypassing the security controls or normal authentication. Also, there may be several reasons for it to exist like including any original design or from poor configuration.

Direct access attack: An unauthorized user that is gaining the physical access resource and which is not available to him.

Spoofing: Spoofing of the user identity that describes a situation in which a program or one person successfully masquerades as another person with the use of false data.

Eavesdropping: It is the act of listening to a private conversation. Also, it typically happens between the hosts on a network.

Tampering: This describes a malicious modification of different products. Also, so-called ‘evil’ mind attacks and different security services that are planting on surveillance of the capability into the routers.

Phishing: This is the attempt to acquire various sensitive information like passwords, username, and card details directly from the users.

Good Computing Tips and Practices 

  • Minimize your storage of sensitive information.
  • Protect your passwords and use those passwords that can be easily guessed by others.
  • Protect your information while using the email and internet.
  • Also, make sure that your computer has security patches and updates. Also, it should be protected with any kind of anti-virus.
  • Furthermore, secure your mobile devices and laptops, computers all the time.
  • Do not download or install any third party software or unknown programs.

Computer Viruses

A virus is considered as a parasitic program that infects another running, legitimate program. This program is called the host. To infect it, the virus modifies the host so that it contains a copy of this virus.

Cluster viruses: If a program is running from the infected disk, the program also causes the virus to run. So, the technique creates a sort of illusion that the virus uses to infect all the programs on the disk.

Boot sector virus: This kind of virus infects the boot record part of a hard disk. It allows for the actual boot sector data to be read through a normal startup.

Trojan horses: A trojan horse is a malicious program that also appears as friendly. Also, this virus does not make any duplicate of themselves and store it on the host’s disk.

Practice Questions on Security Tools

Q. Which of the following option best describes the program that can run on its own from system to system and thereby disrupt the computer communication?

A. Viruses

B. Worm

C. Trojans

D. All of the above

Answer: B. Worm

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