Coordinating Conjunction

We have previously come across connecting words, now we see conjunctions that act join two words/clauses of equal grammatical ranks. These are known as coordinating conjunctions. Let us learn more about them.

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Coordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctions are words that connect groups of words or sentences. They can be called as connectors or joining words. There are three different types of conjunctions in English Grammar:

The conjunctions that connect groups of words or phrases which are generally similar in nature are called as Coordinating Conjunctions. The coordinating conjunctions are generally used in between the words or groups of words to link them and so are found in the middle of the sentence and not towards the beginning or the end.

Types of Coordinating Conjunctions

There are 7 types of coordinating conjunctions used in English Grammar:

  1. But
  2. Or
  3. So
  4. And
  5. For
  6. Nor
  7. Yet

Functions of the Coordinating Conjunctions

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Each of the above coordinating conjunctions has a specific function that they serve when used in sentences.

  • But- It is generally used to show a contrast between two clauses.

Example: I like living in the city but my brother prefers living in the country.

  • Or- Is used to suggest an option or alternative

Example: Don’t tell John about his birthday party or you’ll spoil the surprise

  • So-This word is used to show the consequence or result of something

Example: I’ve just eaten dinner so, I’m not hungry.

  • And- It is used when two similar clauses or points are made.

Example: The taxi stopped at the train station and two men got out of it.

  • For- Is used to explain the ‘why’ in a situation.

Example: She needs to be home for her kids.

  • Nor- It is used about similar two items but in the negative sense. It is generally used after a neither(-neither, -nor)

Example: She is neither tall nor fat.

  • Yet- Is used to show a contrast in spite of something.

Example: She regrets having spoken to her friend like that, yet, she hasn’t apologised.

Rules for using Coordinating Conjunctions

Apart from the words that are used in specific situations, there are a few rules that need to be followed while using coordinating conjunctions.

  • A comma is used before the coordinating conjunction only when it connect two independent clauses. Example:
    I wanted to go to the movies, but Ravi preferred to laze at home.
  • When a coordinating conjunction is used to join two words/phrases, We do not use a comma. Example: I love to eat Italian and Chinese
  • When a coordinating conjunction is used with more than two items, the comma before the coordinating conjunction is optional. Example with comma: Manasi teaches English, German, and Science in school. Example without a comma: Manasi teaches English, German and Science in school.

Solved Example for You

Q: Which of the following coordinating conjunction best fits in the blank in the blank of the given sentence?

I was in the area _____ I thought I’d drop in and say hello 

(a)   For      (b) Or

(c)  So      (d) Nor

Sol. (c) So

In the sentence, the subject says he/she dropped in to say hello because he/she was in the area. Therefore, the correct coordinating conjunction that should be used to show the result or consequence of something is ‘so’. So, the correct answer is option (c).

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