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An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Summary Class 12 English


Summary of An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

The writer of this poem is Stephen spender, he describes the communal inequalities which are usual in this society. In this poem, the author describes the situation of the students of an elementary school. The school is located in a slum area. The poet wants everybody’s attention to these children. Poet wanted that the life of these students improves. He wanted them to get trained in order to become good citizens of our country and not criminals. An elementary school classroom in a slum summary gives a brief knowledge about the condition of the school as well as the students.

an elementary school classroom in a slum summary

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Summary in English

The appearance of the students shows that they are unwelcome. The kids are having depressed facial expressions. They have unhealthy bodies inherited from their parents. At the end of the classroom, a kid is sitting having bright eyes that fill with dreams.

The classroom has dirty and muddy walls. Many people have given multiple charts and images for putting on the walls. A poster is there of Shakespeare, his head is bald and looks like the rising Sun. The second poster is of the Tyrolese valley. Further, another one is a world map. For these students, the world is not as they see in the picture. For these students, the world is the scene that they see outside of the classroom through the window. These children are stuck in the slums. They have dim and hopeless futures. They all have a dark and depressing future. Moreover, they have options in life that are imperfect and are disappointing. They are distant from the light of knowledge.

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Understanding these pictures is out of their abilities. Further, these kids hate everybody and for them, Shakespeare was a good person. As nobody loves them, even they disliked everybody. The want for love forces them to do crimes like robbery, etc. The children are so thin that their bones and skeleton are clearly visible through them. This is because of the lack of nourishment. The glasses that are made of steel and are cheap. The glasses they were are quite heavy and uncomfortable at the same time. Their probabilities of accomplishing their dreams and wants and moving out of this poverty have been further reduced by building bigger shantytowns. Until and unless they don’t come out of the slums, they will never get to know about the world outside.

The Government system that creates these slum areas is the major cause that people live here. The students are not having the right to dream out of these slums. The government limits and restricts them to these slums. The poet also appeals to the authorities for permitting these poor kids to go out of these slums. The students need to see the outer world. Moreover, the maps on the walls of the class will surely become a reality for them.  Moreover, they should be taken to areas with fields and greenery. The sunny atmosphere and the warm sand of the beach will connect them with a hunger for knowledge. If these children will get to learn then these children will become economically authorized.

Conclusion of An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

To conclude, an elementary school classroom in a slum summary tells us about the poor condition of the students. The schools are very poor in condition. The future of these kids is in dark. This story also teaches us the value of education and the value of all the things that we have and many do not.

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