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Evans Tries an O-level Summary Class 12 English

Summary of Evans Tries an O-level

Evans tries an O-level summary is going to assist students in understanding this chapter in an easy manner. This story is about Evan who was also called ‘The Break’. He got this name because he was quite good at breaking out of prisons. However, as Evans was now brought to Oxford prison, it was difficult to pull off such stunts. Oxford prison had very strict officers and assistants. Thus, this time Evans decides to pull take a long way to escape this prison. In this story, we learn about his attempt to break through using a very clever plan. He even includes his friends and befriends other people on the way to accomplish his mission. Basically, he uses an O’ level exam to try and break out which is why this exam carries importance. Further, we learn about the wit of the criminal and how it helps him escape.

evans tries an o-level summary

Evans Tries an O-level Summary in English

The story begins with a criminal named Evan. Evan is already famous for breaking out from many prisons thus he is now at Oxford prison. We see that the secretary of the Examination Board gets a call from H.M. Prison’s governor. He learns that Evan has begun with night classes in O Level German. Thus, he wishes to get an academic qualification. So, they all make the necessary arrangements for this same. On inquiry, they learn Evan has no record of violence instead he is rather amusing. Finally, they decide to host the exam in Evan’s room and send for an invigilator from St Mary Mags. The Governor is very vigilant throughout as he knows what Evans is capable of pulling off.

Thus, the authorities do their best to help Evans excel at the exam. They hire a German tutor for him. He teaches Evans for six months and Evan even befriends him during that time. The tutor wishes him luck but feels that he does not stand a chance to clear the exam. However, Evans tells him that he may surprise everybody. Thus, the day of the exam arrives and his cell is being inspected now. The officers take away anything that he may use to injure himself.

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They try to take the hat away but Evan’s insists saying it is his lucky charm. Moreover, they also bugged Evan’s cell for the Governor to listen through everything. The searched the invigilator and then he reaches his cell to carry out the exam. An officer kept peeping in the cell to make sure everything was alright. The exam executes without any trouble and Stephen escorts the invigilator out to the main gate. In Evan’s cell, they find out that the invigilator is lying injured.

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They went in search of Evans but find out that he has escaped prison. Moreover, when they do not find the invigilator in the hospital, they go to visit his residence. They reach there to find out that it was a fraud. Finally, the Governor puts together the missing pieces of the puzzle. He learns that the invigilator was Evans friend and he swapped places with him and fooled everyone. They immediately go to the hotel where Evans was staying ad capture him. The Governor becomes happy thinking his game is over and sends him to a prison van. However, Evans manages to pull off one last stunt as the prison officer and prison van were also part of his plan. Finally, he becomes a free man.

Conclusion of Evans Tries an O-level

To sum up, Evans Tries an O-level summary, we learn about an interesting clash between criminal and the law enforcement and how a person’s wit can take him very far.

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    The chapter The Enemy also serves to highlight the social boas and prejudices prevalent among nations. Comment.

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    The enemy was actually a human in the end. That’s what I found out from the story,

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    It will be so helpful if I get a breef summary

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    Ant in the mountain

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