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The Enemy Summary Class 12 English

Summary of The Enemy

The Enemy summary will help you greatly in studying the chapter in detail. It is about a Japanese surgeon whose name is Sadao. He studies in America and marries a Japanese girl. World War II broke during that time. All the doctors were under the obligation to go to the Japanese army. However, Sadao stayed back with an old general. As the old general was ailing, he was in need of Sadao. However, we learn that how an America Navy man finds his way in Sadao’s life. As the soldier was not well, Sadao offers him medical help. Sadao was not willing to help the enemy but he does. He also knows the danger he has got himself into by helping the enemy. Due to this, Sadao conspires to kill the soldier in his sleep. However, Sadao decides to save him because of humanity and brotherhood.

the enemy summary

The Enemy Summary in English

The Enemy is a story written by Pearl Sydenstricker Buck. It is about a Japanese surgeon, Sadao. He went to study in America and meets a Japanese girl, Hana, there. He marries her and brings her back to Japan to settle down. This was the time of World War II. Thus, all the doctors were called upon to serve the Japanese army. However, they allowed Sadao to stay back. It was because he was tending to the old General who was on his death bed.  However, one night, an incident changes his life. He encounters an American Navy-man who is injured by a gun-shot and dying.

Although Sadao was in no mind to help the enemy, he takes in the young soldier and provides him with medical assistance. He keeps him at his house to avert any danger coming his way. However, he knew he has opened doors to danger by helping the enemy. His servants decide to leave Sadao too. As the days kept passing, the soldier was now beginning to gain his health back. Now that the soldier was no longer Sadao’s patient, he decides to kill him off in his sleep. He informs the General of the American and thus the General reciprocates. They decide to send private assassins to kill the American soldier.

While waiting for the assassins, Sadao starts noticing it was delaying. However, during this course, humanity in Sadao arises. He realizes that he is a human being at the end of the day. He now recognizes the value of human life as well as universal brotherhood. Thus, this opens his mind which was limited to race, boundaries, and wars. Finally, he comes to the conclusion that the American soldier is not his enemy just because he belongs to another country. Thus, he rises above his prejudices and does the right thing by helping the American soldier escape, thus saving his life.

Conclusion of The Enemy

To sum up, The Enemy summary, we learn how love and compassion can make us better human beings as opposed to prejudices and biases against other people with whom we do not share anything but the bond of being humans.

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9 responses to “The Enemy Summary Class 12 English”

  1. Bipradip B says:

    The chapter The Enemy also serves to highlight the social boas and prejudices prevalent among nations. Comment.

  2. Dr. Sadao Hoki says:

    The enemy was actually a human in the end. That’s what I found out from the story,

  3. Merin says:

    It will be so helpful if I get a breef summary

  4. Anurag says:

    Ant in the mountain

  5. Jirnii says:

    What a boring story

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