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On the Face of It Summary Class 12 English

Summary of On the Face of It

On the Face of It Summary – This is a play. Moreover, it is about the friendship between a young boy, Derry and an old man, Mr. Lamb. Because of his facial scar, he is very upset and feels that people do not want to associate with him. So, to hide from people he gets into the old man’s garden but panics when he meets him. Mr. Lamb put him at ease and advise him to accept life as it comes. Further, he as a more cheerful and optimistic approach to life. Also, he conveys Derry to live life to the fullest and avoid bitterness. He further advises him to accept life as it is. However, Derry was moved by Mr. Lamb’s attitude and spirit. Besides, when Derry tries to come out of his shell, he met a great loss of the only person who makes friends with him.

on the face of it summary

On the Face of It Summary in English

The story starts with a teenage boy (Derry) who enters a garden. Due to an accident when acid befell on his face and got burned on one side. He was afraid of facing people that’s why he has gone there to hide. Because other people tease him for having such a face. Upon entering the garden he finds someone already presents there. Hence, he tries to leave but the old man, Mr. Lamb (owner of the garden) stops him.

Not arriving without permission Derry feels guilty. However, Mr. Lamb welcomes him in his garden and tells him not to leave just because of his presence. People don’t like his face that’s what Derry think and that’s why he wants to leave. Then again Mr. Lamb asks him to stay there. After that, they start having a conversation that how no one like Derry and how he hates people behaving like this with him. Also, Mr. Lamb attempts to console him.

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Mr. Lamb state to him that he has a tin leg and how kids make fun of him. Yet he enjoys his life to the fullest. Their conversation went on and on and reveal various things about Derry’s fear, hatred, and depression about being in such a condition. Also, Mr. Lamb keeps on telling him to think about the positive things. Before long they became friends and Mr. Lamb asks Derry to assist him in plucking the crab apples of his garden.

Derry state to him that he had come too far from his home and hadn’t told anything about this to his mother. So, Mr. Lamb asks him to take permission from his mother. Bur Derry finds it difficult and this leads to a small argument between both of them. Eventually, Derry agrees and tells Mr. Lamb that he would come back after asking permission from his mother. However, his mother does not want him to go but he came back to fulfill his promise.

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In the meantime, Mr. Lamb climbs a ladder on his own to pluck the crab apples as he was sure that Derry would not return. Moreover, because of his disability, it was difficult for him to climb. So, he slips from the ladder and dies. On the other hand, Derry returns to the garden to help him but on entering the garden he sees him lying on the floor. Further, he attempts to move him but didn’t get any response from him. In the end, he came to know that he is dead and starts crying.

Conclusion of On the Face of It Summary

On the Face of its summary, the writer wants to say that we should never feel shame on our appearance. Also, we should be positive and optimistic about ourselves.

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    The chapter The Enemy also serves to highlight the social boas and prejudices prevalent among nations. Comment.

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    The enemy was actually a human in the end. That’s what I found out from the story,

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