How to Improve English Communication Skills?

You must have come across people who ask you to repeat what you said or directly ask what you mean. In fact, you might’ve also been one of those people. It does not matter where we belong to or what our mother tongue is, sometimes we also face trouble in communicating. Communication helps us share information in our daily life is quite essential. To be honest, your English level won’t matter if you do not know how to communicate in the language correctly. As English is a universal language, it is rather important to communicate with ease in it. Moreover, you can achieve fluent English communication skills with just a little determination and commitment. Thus, let’s take a look at how to improve English communication skills for those of you facing trouble.

how to improve english communication skills

To learn how to improve English communication skills, you need to start with improving your speaking skills and become a good listener. In order to do both, you need to dedicate yourself to the task and you will surely get there soon enough.

Enhance English Speaking Skills

There is a difference between being able to write English and communicate in it. Further, you need to get in touch with those whose native language is English. In other words, interacting with them can help you improve your English. When you communicate with them, you are more likely to have faster progress. The following are the 10 ways to improve your English communication skills.

10 Ways to Improve Your English Communication Skills

  1. Music of English
  2. Slow and Steady
  3. Hear Yourself
  4. Enroll in Specialized Classes
  5. Practice at Home
  6. Be a Good Listener
  7. Listen to Podcasts and More
  8. Interact with Others
  9. English Music
  10. English Exchange Programme

Let us see them one by one.

Music of English

When we say that, we don’t ask you to listen to English music. Rather, we are asking you to understand the musicality of the language, its pitch, modulation, tone and more. You need to bring emotion in your speaking skills and not just speak like a robot. Take special care of where to lay emphasis and how the mouth forms the words.

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race, you must have heard of it. Likewise, over here too, you need to slow down and be understandable to others. By slowing down, you will be able to speak clearly and can be understood better. Thus, clarity is key, otherwise, you will jumble all the words.

Hear Yourself

You do hear yourself every time you speak, but you need to listen carefully. You can do so by recording yourself. This way, it will be easier to notice the strong and weak points in your speech. It will define your weak areas which require improvement. The moment you become comfortable with words, you complete half the journey.

Enroll in Specialized Classes

There is no shame in enrolling yourself in different style classes. In fact, this way you will get professional help and be able to learn new things which one cannot on their own. Moreover, when you study in a group, you will be able to learn better. Specialized classes can help you achieve your full potential.

Practice at Home

Please remember that to learn how to improve English communication skills, you need to practice it constantly and not just limit it to one place. It won’t be helpful if you only speak English at your workplace/class and then revert back to your native tongue at home. Stick to English even at home to get more fluency.

Be a Good Listener

Along with enhancing your speaking skills, you will also need the help of good listening skills. It is an easy thing to do but requires great effort. The English you learn in school and the way we speak it is very different. Follow the steps below to become a good listener:

Listen to Podcasts and More

Podcasts, movies, TV shows can really help you with this. Passive learning is good if you wish to become a good listener. You can pick up their voice modulations, intonation, and more this way. Moreover, you will also learn some new slang.

Interact with Others

While passive listening is great, it is even better to talk with others. Don’t just keep listening to the other person, question them. When you get control of the conversation, you can convey yourself better. As English is a universal language with multiple accents, you can learn a great deal through interacting.

English Music

When we talked about speaking skills, we were referring to the musicality of English. Now that it’s about listening, we are indeed referring to English music. This way you can widen your vocabulary and it is also recreational. But, remember to start with slow and clear songs. For instance, The Beatles can help with that. Start with ballads mostly, rap can come later.

English Exchange Programme

There are many students who visit different countries for their exchange programmes. Make the most of this opportunity by engaging with them. Or if you have a friend or relative who speaks English well, interact with them. Learn through them and listen to the way they speak so you can learn from their strengths.

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