Birthday Essay

500 Words Essay On Birthday

Every year, we all become eager to celebrate our birthday. It is special as it comes only once every year and we get to celebrate it with great joy and happiness. Usually, a lot of wishes of people come true on this day and they enjoy the day with their loved ones. This birthday essay will tell us why it is a special day.

birthday essay

A Special Day

Birthdays are a very special day for everyone who celebrates it. Firstly, it makes the person feel loved when their close one does special things for them. Being loved is one of the most special feelings in the world.

Secondly, it makes the person mature. We all wait for our birthday every day as we get older and gain a sense of maturity every year. Our birthday marks the occasion for the very same thing. Moreover, it helps you gain special privileges as well.

After that, birthdays are also an eye-opener for many as they feel gratitude. When you see many people going out of their way to make you feel special, you feel gratitude for being blessed with so many things.

Most importantly, birthdays call for celebration. It is one day where we get to see all our loved ones in one place. No one can make an excuse and you get to spend time with everyone you love under one roof, it is nothing sort of magical.

My Birthday Celebration

Just like everyone else, I also look forward to my birthday every year. It happens on 9th March which makes March a special month for me. Ever since my childhood, my parents have a birthday tradition.

Every year, we go to have ice cream late at night to mark the beginning of my birthday. It is a very small thing but it means a lot to me. So far, we have never missed doing this together and I hope we can continue it forever.

On my birthday, I usually throw a birthday party inviting all my close friends. It is a fun-filled day where all my friends partake in exciting activities. My mother makes my favourite dish which I enjoy eating on my birthday.

Moreover, the special part about my celebration is that my siblings prepare a dance performance for me every year on my favourite song. It is hilarious as they include funny steps deliberately to make me laugh.

The most exciting part about my birthday celebration is opening gifts when everyone leaves. I cherish every gift of mine dearly no matter how big or small. My favourite gift till date is the huge teddy bear my father got for me when I was six years old.

Therefore, each year, I wait eagerly for my birthday to arrive so that I can spend a great time with my friends and family. Moreover, it makes me realize how blessed I am to have all this.

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Conclusion of Birthday Essay

All in all, birthdays play an essential role in everyone’s life. It helps people feel special on that day and makes them more grateful. Moreover, they also turn more mature on each birthday. Thus, birthdays must be celebrated with one and all.

FAQ of Birthday Essay

Question 1: Why is a birthday important?

Answer 1: Birthdays are important as they are momentous occasions that commemorate a person’s birth anniversary. It helps people feel grateful for everything they have and reflect on everything they have been blessed with to celebrate.

Question 2: How do people usually celebrate birthdays?

Answer 2: People usually celebrate birthdays with their friends and family. Their loved ones bring a cake for them and they blow candles and eat it with everyone. Everybody sings the ‘Happy Birthday’ song for them and have a great time together.

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