Essay on Apple

500 Words Essay On Apple

Apple is a sweet and delicious fruit that is very healthy. It is also a good disease-fighter and we can eat it every day. The delicious taste and bright colour of the food make it even more appealing. Moreover, it is a versatile fruit which we can use in many dishes. In an essay on apple, we will learn how many benefits it offers.

essay on apple

My Favourite Fruit

You must have heard that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” I remember hearing this for the first time and I decided to eat an apple every day. Ever since it has become my favourite fruit.

It is round in shape and comes in a red colour. But, there are also green apples. An apple contains a high quantity of juice which is mixed with high fibres. It tastes sweet and is edible for everyone.

As it is one of the healthiest fruit, it is my favourite. I try to eat one every day for the betterment of my health. One single apple contains 130 calories. The insoluble fibre in the fruit is effective for the body because it does not mix with water.

Further, we get apples in many sizes and shapes. We can use it for extraction, skin, chewing and drinking juice. I always carry an apple in my tiffin and share it with my friends as well. With so many benefits it offers, it has become my favourite fruit.

Benefits of Apple

Apples offer many benefits to everyone. The dietary fibre in it is soluble which helps the body to prevent problems of cardiac diseases. Further, they are also helpful to people who suffer from asthma, anaemia and other problems.

They can combat many diseases and dietary fibre which helps to prevent constipation problems. Moreover, it also comes in use for cancer patients to fight this disease. All over the world, there are different kinds of apples which are produced in large numbers.

Apples have many other advantages like reducing weight and keeping the heart-healthy. Similarly, it also reduces the high risk of diabetes. The prebiotic effects offer healthy bacteria which prevents cancer and helps in the growth of bones.

Apples also circulate proper metabolism and maintain the digestive system well. Most importantly, it also offers protection to your brain by vitamins and proteins which are present in it.

It is essential to remember that we must always chew the apple properly so that it does end up harming you instead. With so many benefits it offers, it truly keeps the doctor away if you eat it every day.

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Conclusion of the Essay on Apple

In today’s world, a lot of apples are coming with pesticides inside them. Thus, they need to certified organic now before entering the market. Thus, we must make sure to eat organic apples only. This fruit can never be boring as we can use it in many ways. This nutritional fruit is beneficial for our bodies and gives us the strength to make our body strong.

FAQ of Essay on Apple

Question 1: What vitamin is in apples?

Answer 1: Apples contain a high amount of vitamin C. It is a powerful natural antioxidant that can assist in boosting your body’s resistance to both infectious agents and damage caused by free radicals. Each time we eat an apple, we’ll get a healthy dose of this vitamin and B-complex vitamins.

Question 2: Is eating apples everyday good for you?

Answer 2: Apples are very good for you. Eating them lowers the risk of numerous major diseases, including diabetes and cancer. The soluble fibre content of the apple may promote weight loss and gut health.

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