Essay on Constitution of India for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Constitution of India

The constitution of India came into force from 26 January. A special committee is gathered to draw and outline the constitution. The constitution gives all the details related to what is legal and what is illegal in the country. In addition, with the enforcement of the constitution, the Indian sub-continent become the Republic of India. Besides, the drafting committee consists of seven members that were supervised by B.R. Ambedkar. Moreover, the constitution helps in maintaining prosperity and peace in the country.

Essay on constitution of India

Salient Features of the Constitution

The list of salient features of the Indian constitution is very long and there are many uniqueness about it that you won’t find in any other countries constitution.

Longest Written Constitution

The first thing that makes the Indian constitution different is its length. The constitution of India contains a preamble, 448fourhundred, and forty-eight Articles, twenty-five groups, twelve Schedules, and five appendices. Moreover, it takes around 3 years to complete the draft of the constitution.

The Rigidity and Flexibility of the Indian Constitution

The constitution is hard as well as soft both at the same time. While on one side the supreme power needs to be followed carefully to maintain the law and order in the country, on the other side the citizen can appeal to amend the outdated provisions. But there are certain provisions that can be easily amended and there are some that take a lot of time and resources to amend. Furthermore, there have been more than 100 amendments in the constitution from the day of its enforcement.

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The original constitution does not have preamble but it was later on added to the constitution. Also, it gives a detailed account of the constitution’s philosophy. The preamble states that India is a Socialist, Secular, Sovereign, and Democratic republic. In addition, it believes in equality, justice, and freedom of its people. The constitution puts the welfare of its people first rather than the state.

A Secular State

According to the constitution of India is a secular country that means that it does not give special status to any religion. Anyone can perform his religion freely.


It means a dictator or monarch does not rule the country. Moreover, it nominates and elects its head every five years.

Fundamental Policies

The constitution of t5he country states every fundamental duty of its citizens under it. These duties have to be followed by all the citizens of the country equally whether it’s a rich person or a poor one. Besides, these duties include the respect of national flag and national anthem, integrity and unity of the country, the safeguard of public property, and various others.

Directive State Principle or Policy

This policy is simple guidelines to the state in which ensure the development of its socio-economy via its policies.

In conclusion, the constitution serves as guidelines for every citizen. Also, law and rule are completely defined in the constitution. The head of the drafting committee Dr. B.R. Ambedkar has done a remarkable job that no one can forget. He and his team draft constitution that no other country has bale to do till date. Besides, the constitution has helped India to attain the status of the Republic in the world.

FAQs about Essay on Constitution of India

Q.1 Define what is the Indian constitution in simple words?
A.1 The constitution is the supreme law of the country. Everything is predefined in it. Besides, the constitution is a framework that guides the procedures, policies, and power of the government.

Q.2 Who is known as the father of the Indian constitution?
A.2 Dr. B.R. Amberdkar is the father of the Indian constitution because he was the head of the drafting committee that completed the constitution.

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