Essay on Coronavirus Treatment

500+ Words Essay on Coronavirus Treatment

The symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, coughing, and other breathing problems. There are two types of coronavirus treatment basically. One is home treatment and the other is hospital treatment. If one does not have severe symptoms, they can treat themselves at home most likely. It is similar to how you treat your cold or flu. However, if your symptoms keep getting worse, a hospital is recommended to get proper treatment. The doctor will be able to tell you better which treatment you must opt for.

coronavirus treatment

Coronavirus Treatment at Home

If a person has mild symptoms, they can easily recover at home following some steps. Firstly, the person must take proper rest. It will help in making you feel better and get a speedy recovery.

After that, make sure you are staying at home. Do not go to your workplace, college, school or any public place. Further, drink lots of fluids. We tend to lose more water when we are sick.

If you get dehydration, your symptoms will only get worse and lead to other health problems. Therefore, drink plenty of water and healthy fluids like coconut water, turmeric milk and more.

Most importantly, keep monitoring your symptoms. It is essential to constantly monitor the symptoms in case your symptoms get worse. Call the doctor first and let them know about your condition.

They will help you get better guidance. In other words, you will learn whether you need to stay home or get medical help. Similarly, your doctor will provide you with over-the-counter medicines to lower your fever if you have it.

Keep in mind that you have to prevent other people from getting infected. It applies to everyone but especially people who are over the age of 65 or have underlying diseases. To do that, you must stay in one place or room and use a separate bathroom.

Inform others about your sickness so they can maintain their distance. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. Wear a mask that covers your nose face properly. Also, keep your hands clean and do not share your utensils or dishes or other household items. Further, keep disinfecting surfaces like doorknobs and other surfaces.

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Coronavirus Treatment in a Hospital

First and foremost, one must not go to the hospital if one is experiencing mild COVID-19 symptoms. For instance, do not go to the ER if you have a mild cough or fever. The hospital will only send you back home.

The hospital will take only severe cases. To check the severity, they will look for signs. A COVID-19 test will be done. They will put a cotton swab up both sides of the nose. It will last for around 15 seconds.

Also, they might monitor your oxygen in the blood via a clip-on finger monitor. Further, they will listen to your lungs. They can also recommend a chest X-ray or CT scan. If your oxygen levels are dropping, you may be given extra oxygen.

If there is a case of difficulty in breathing, a ventilator will be connected to you so that it can breathe for you. Further, the doctors will also give you fluids via tube or IV to prevent dehydration.

Finally, they will also monitor your breathing. Simultaneously, they will keep giving you medications that will help in fighting the virus.


Therefore, coronavirus treatment will depend on your symptoms and the severity of the virus. All around the world, researchers are constantly working to develop vaccines and treatments that will help us get rid of the virus. So, we must take the vaccine as soon as we become eligible and stay safe.

FAQ of  Essay on Coronavirus Treatment

Question 1: Can people with mild symptoms of COVID-19 recover at home?

Answer 1: Yes, they can if they are healthy otherwise. Make sure to consult your doctor and follow the guidelines accordingly to get the best treatment.

Question 2: How is Coronavirus treated at home

Answer 2: You need to follow your doctor’s advice which includes drinking lots of fluids, monitoring your symptoms, staying at home, not going to work or school, using a separate bathroom, utensils, and more.

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