Essay on Trees

500+ Words Essay on Tress

We cannot imagine a world without trees because there won’t be one without them. Trees are one of the most essential beings on planet earth. They work continuously to clean the air that living beings breathe. Moreover, they make the world a better place to live in by giving us numerous offerings. This essay on trees will help you understand how important they are for us.

essay on trees

Significance of Trees

Trees are one of the most significant things on our planet. They help in improving the health of humans and make them fit and happy. You can notice this in people who are surrounded by trees as opposed to those who are not.

Further, we must all look after trees to do ourselves a favour. In other words, we are dependent on trees, they are not. They have utmost significance in many ways of life. Firstly, they give us fresh air. It allows us to breathe freely and live healthily.

Similarly, we also get food from trees. On the other hand, they provide us shade and shelter. We protect ourselves from the heat of the sunlight and the rainfall. Most importantly, a lot of our medicines come from trees only.

The tree extracts help in the making of these medicines. Not only these medicines, but trees themselves have medicinal values which we can use in a lot of ways. When we are around trees, we can feel peace and calm.

Similarly, its presence helps us relax. They also bring down the temperature and are a saviour on sunny or hot days. Also, trees work to conserve water as well as prevent erosion of soil. Thus, they have utmost significance in various ways which essay on trees will help us understand.

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Save Trees and Save Lives

Trees are not only important to humans but also to animals. We must do our best to save trees so everyone can lead a good life. Firstly, we must not waste paper. Using less paper will result in lesser trees being cut down.

Further, it is better to borrow and share books instead of buying new ones. You will help in lesser consumption of paper. Similarly, you can also donate your old books to those who need them. This will help the planet and the needy, both.

Moreover, plant more trees. Planting more trees can really help the planet as it is the need of the hour. Also, visit the forests to make children aware of their importance. We can all do our bit and make the world a greener place.


In conclusion, trees are very important for every form of life on planet earth. If we do not have trees, we will find it very hard to survive in this world. In fact, all species will not be able to make it without trees. Therefore, we must continuously work to save trees and plant more of them to give our future generations a better and greener world.

FAQ of Essay on Trees

Question 1: Why are trees significant?

Answer 1: Trees are significant as they give us a lot of benefits. From the air we breathe to the fruits we eat, we get it all from trees. Similarly, they also work to conserve water and prevent soil erosion. On the other hand, we also get many medicines from trees.

Question 2: How can we conserve trees?

Answer 2: Essay on trees can help you learn how to conserve trees. Save paper and you will save trees. Similarly, try to buy alternatives to wood when buying furniture. On the other hand, do not overuse paper towels or tissues in daily life. Do not throw away old books but donate them so the paper can be saved and ultimately trees.

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