Essay on Democracy vs Dictatorship for Students and Children

Essay on Democracy vs Dictatorship

Democracy is a form of government in which the citizen is eligible to choose their representative in the government. In addition, it enables the citizen to give their voice in legislation. While on the other hand, dictatorship is a form of government in which the entire power resides in the hand of a single person that is the dictator. Since the 19th and 20th century both democracy and dictatorship emerged as a major form of government in the world.

Essay on Democracy vs Dictatorship

What is Democracy?

Democracy is a form of government in which the majority of people elect the government. Furthermore, the general public takes interest in this form of government as they have the right to elect their representatives.

Moreover, public participation is very important in a democratic system also the citizen of the country participate and are aware of social issues and their right to vote. Furthermore, there is a sense of responsibility in the people.

Besides, the representatives are elected by means of elections and they are monitored impartially to ensure system integrity.

Characteristics of Democracy

There are some basic qualities or characteristics of democracy that are equality, political freedom, and the rule of law. Moreover, democracy runs over the principle of majority rule. Furthermore, the eligible people have access to the legislative and are equal before the law.

In addition, every eligible citizen vote has equal weight and value. Also, the constitution protects the liberties and right of the citizen of the country.
Moreover, the constitution protects human rights through coordination and co-operation. And it offers to represent the diversity of all communities. Besides, equality is the heart of democracy.

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What is a Dictatorship?

It is a form of government in which absolute power is in the hands of the dictator. Also, the dictator exercises this power in his self-interest. Furthermore, the dictator acts like the whole nation itself.

Characteristics of Dictatorship

The main characteristics of dictatorship are the suspension of the election, rule by decree, lack of civil liberties, repression of political opponents, and proclamation of the state of emergency without acting in harmony with the rule of law.

Furthermore, dictators take advantage of their position. They do so by restraining the freedom of speech of the citizen. Also, they do so to maintain their political and social supremacy.

Also, people do not have the right to voice against the ways by which they are governed. In addition, there are no elections and people do not have the right to choose their representatives. All the rules and regulations are made by a single person (dictator).

Moreover, a single person (dictator) makes the law so at times they become brutal for the masses. Most noteworthy, the dictator pays fewer regards to the rights of the people.

In conclusion, the Democratic form of government is enjoyed by the people and it gives a great deal of liberty to people and the power is in the hand of masses. On the other hand, dictatorship takes away all those rights and liberty. Furthermore, power is in the hand of a single person.

In a democracy, development happens to fulfill the need of people. On the other hand, in dictatorship development happens according to the dictator. Above all, democracy is the best form of government that most of the nation of the world love and practice.

FAQs on Democracy vs Dictatorship

Q.1 Name some countries where dictatorship is practiced.
A.1 In today’s world countries like North Korea, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe practice dictatorship.

Q.2 Which is the largest democracy in the world?
A.2 India is the largest democracy in the world.

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