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India is the largest democracy of the world and elections play an important role in it. Similarly, the Election Commission of India is a very huge body which has a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. It was formed in the year of 1950.

essay on election commission of india

The Election Commission of India has made things easier for people ever since they came into existence. They have to look after a lot many tasks that help in the smooth functioning of the electoral procedure. It is constantly evolving to make the election scenario better.

Development in the Election Process

The Election Commission of India has been trying to bring about development in the election scenario to help it make easier and better. Firstly, it introduced the Electronic Voting Machine in 2004 during the Lok Sabha Elections. The move helped in reducing manual labor to a great extent.

Moreover, it also introduced the system of voter ID in 1993. It has helped the electoral process in many ways. Firstly, it made the distinction very clear of people eligible to vote and ones who cannot.

Then, it also serves as an identity proof in government documents which ease ups the process. Furthermore, it has also helped in forming a model of conduct that will ensure fair elections. It also monitors the parties which must follow the code of conduct and rules.

Most importantly, the Election Commission of India also gave the people the option of NOTA in 2014. It is the abbreviated form of ‘None of the Above’. It helps the individuals cast their vote in a better manner rather than giving it to someone out of obligation. Moreover, it also better presents the condition of the political parties in our country.

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The Criticising Aspect

Despite the changes and developments, the Election Commission of India has brought in our country, it still faces criticism for various moves. The major one is the issue of EVM which claims that these machines are not a hundred percent accurate and may be hampered with. Thus, people do not consider the results of EVM’s to be completely authentic.

Furthermore, there was a big issue of many voters’ names being left out of the voters’ list. A lot of people did not find their names on the list and were thus barred from participating in the election process. This created quite a buzz amongst the citizens of the country.

As a result, it also affected the results greatly and there was little or nothing done to find out where the names of the voters went by the Election Commission of India.

Moreover, people also criticized the model code of conduct by the Election Commission of India. As we all know during the campaigning, many parties belittle their opposition parties and deliver hate speeches. This model code of conduct monitors this only however it is said they were partial in punishing some parties and turning a blind eye to the other which they favour.

FAQs on Election Commission of India

Q.1 How has the Election Commission of India improved the election process of India?

A.1 The Election Commission of India has helped a lot in improving the election scenario. It introduced a lot of things like the EVM, Voter ID, NOTA, Model of conduct and more which has made the process easier.

Q.2 What criticisms do the Election Commission of India face?

A.2 The Election Commission of India has been in a fix more than once over the years. People criticize them for the introduction of EVM which gave rise to unfair results. Moreover, they also criticize them for the irresponsible handling of voter’s list and many names were missing from the list.

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