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500+ Words Essay on Fair

Fair is usually termed as a gathering of people for certain entertainment or commercial activities. The fairground is an area with hundreds of temporary shops selling various products to the people who have gathered to visit the fair. A village fair is usually marked by hawkers selling toys and sweets. In our states usually, a fair is organized during festivals. Some fairs like a book fair, travel fair, trade fair, etc may occur other than a festival and sell products related to their specific theme. We can divide fair into two types, City fair and village fair. Now we will discuss them.

essay on fair

City Fair

A city fair is usually held at any specific date throughout the year. In India, many old fairs are held for years, around the same period. Trade fairs are for selling unique artifacts, crafts, jewelry, furniture, etc. It is also for commercial activities with a limited presence of fun and entertainment activities. A festive fair, on the other hand, is held during a festival season.

For example, a Durga puja fair in a city is held during the Durga puja festival and Pongal fair in southern India is held during the Pongal festival. During Holi also many fairs occur in different parts of the country.

Another fair which occurs in the city is Book Fair. A group of publishers and dealers organize Book Fair in order to promote books and improving sales. A book fair displays books belonging to various disciplines, ranging from history to autobiographies, storybooks, science books, books on literature, fictional books, encyclopedias, books on general knowledge, etc.

A city fair is usually held in an open field inside the city. The field for the fair could be small or big, depending on its availability or on the size of the fair. The most significant sign of a city fair is the noise that is heard on the loudspeakers.

Someone outside the fair hears different commercial and entertainment activities through loudspeakers. Vendors selling their products, a magician calling eager children, call for audiences to witness a just to begin stunt performance and other activities could be heard simultaneously.

Village Fair

A village fair is also held during festivals, like Dussehra and Diwali. It could also be held annually during the celebration to a local deity or religious beliefs of the people. A village fair is usually smaller than a city fair in appearance as well as the activities. Indian local village fair is marked by relatively small shops, selling mostly toys and sweets.

Many hawkers selling small toys on hand-held wooden frames could be seen roaming in the fair. Flutes, whistles, and a variety of lightweight toys are seen in a village fair, which attracts children a lot. Hawkers in fair constantly play the flute or whistle in order to lure the children to buy from them.

Apart from these other main attractions of a village fair include sweets and different types of swings and ferry wheels, especially for the children. A typical desi village fair is dominated with the fragrance of different sweets, being freshly made by the vendors. The common attractive delicacy of a village fair is jalebi. Apart from the sweets, toys and other articles, the next attraction of a village fair is ferry wheels of a different kind.

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A Fair whether city fair or village fair, it provides a great fun activity to the children, young as well as the elderly. Apart from being a fun centered event, it is also a source of livelihood for vendors who depend on it. Many small vendors and hawkers depend on the fairs for their businesses. Fairs provide a quality of fun time with family and friends. Parents should also ensure that all safety precautions are properly taken before sending children to rides or ferry wheels.

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