Essay On River

500 Words Essay On River

Rivers are the backbone of human civilizations which provide freshwater that is the basic necessity for human life. We cannot live without water and rivers are the largest water bodies for freshwater. In fact, all civilizations in the past and present were born near river banks. In other words, they are veins of the earth that make life possible. Through an essay on rivers, we will take a look at their importance and how to save them.

essay on river

Importance of Rivers

We refer to rivers as the arteries of any country. No living organism can live without water and rivers are the most important source of water. Almost all the early civilizations sprang up on the river banks.

It is because, from ancient times, people realized the fertility of the river valleys. Thus, they began to settle down there and cultivate the fertile valleys. Moreover, rivers originate from mountains which carry down rock, sand and soil from them.

Then they enter plains and water keeps moving slowly from the mountainsides. As a result, they deposit fertile soil. When the river overflows, this fertile soil deposits on the banks of rivers. Thus, bringing fresh fertile soil constantly to the fields.

Most importantly, rivers help in agriculture. In fact, a lot of farmers depend on rivers for agricultural purposes. Rivers have the ability to turn deserts into productive farms. Further, we can use them for constructing dams as well.

Further, rivers also are important highways. That is to say, they offer the cheapest method of transport. Before road and railways, rivers were essential means of transportation and communication.

In addition, rivers bring minerals down from hills and mountains. We construct damns across the river for generating hydel power and also preserve the wildlife. Further, they also come in use for encouraging tourism and developing fisheries.

Save Rivers

As pollution is on the rise, it has become more important than ever to save rivers. We must take different measures to do so. First of all, we must use biodegradable cleaning products and not use chemical products for body washing.

Further, we must not waste water when we shower. After that, we must install the displacement device in the back of the toilet for consuming less water. It is also essential to turn the tap off while brushing or shaving.

Moreover, one must also switch off the lights and unplug devices when not in use. This way we save electricity which in turn saves water that goes into the production of electricity. Always remember to never throw trash in the river.

Insulating your pipes will save energy and also prevent water wastage. Similarly, watering the plants early morning or late evening will prevent the loss of water because of evaporation. Finally, try to use recycled water for a carwash to save water.

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Conclusion of the Essay on River

Rivers are essential as they are nature’s blessings for human beings. It provides us with so many things but nowadays, they are being polluted on a very large scale. We must all come together to prevent this from happening and saving our rivers for a better future.

FAQ of Essay on River

Question 1: What is the importance of rivers?

Answer 1: Rivers are important as they carry water and nutrients to areas all around the earth. Further, rivers play quite an important part of the water cycle, as they act as drainage channels for surface water. Most importantly, they provide excellent habitat and food for many of the earth’s organisms.

Question 2: How can we protect our rivers?

Answer 2: We can protect our rivers by segregating our household garbage into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Moreover, volunteering with NGOs and community groups is also great option to save rivers from pollution.

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