Essay On Save Fuel For Better Environment for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment

Essay On Save Fuel For Better Environment – In this modern-day lifestyle the fuel has become a necessity for all human beings. We use fuel to fulfill our various needs like cooking, manufacturing, to produce building material and many more. Moreover, in the last one or two decade, we have started depending on fuel so much that it has become our basic necessity. So, ultimately we are dependent on fuel either we like it or not.

Essay On Save Fuel For Better Environment

What is Fossil Fuel?

It is the fuel that we use for our consumption. It is made up of dead remains and fossils of animals and plants that are buried deep inside the surface of the earth. Also, it forms under extreme environmental pressure and heat. Besides, it is found deep inside the surface of the earth.

The LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), Petrol, diesel, kerosene, wood, coal, and natural gases are all fuels.

Since the dawn of industrialization, the amount and speed of consumption of fuels have increased many folds. Most of the industries run and function by consumption of fuel.

Moreover, a large part of electricity production depends on coal.

Saving fuel means saving the environment

The industrialization has badly damaged the ecosystem. The modern-day machine and vehicles have become a symbol of prosperity.

Moreover, they use a large amount of fuel every day. But in the long run, we are not seeing the bigger picture that this is causing a huge burden on the environment and to save the environment we have to undergo sustainable development.

Our environment is badly infected by harmful and toxic gases released by combustion of fuel by vehicles. In addition, this causes many problems like ozone depletion, global warming. These things have become a massive threat to life on earth. As the depletion of the ozone layer increases the number of greenhouse gases which are constantly increasing the temperature of the surface of the earth.
Besides, this these fuel are limited in quantity and at the current rate of use, they would likely to be exhausted in a few decades. Moreover, they will take centuries to regenerate.

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Ways to save fuel for a better environment

Today’s man has no respect for nature. They waste our natural resources without thinking about the consequences.

Furthermore, there are ways that can help in saving fuel. Firstly, stick to the speed limit as it decreases the consumption of fuel by vehicles. Secondly, turn off your AC whenever not in use as it consumes more fuel. Also, proper maintenance car is necessary so that the car consumes less fuel.

Cooking and reheating of food and beverages consume a lot of fuel as most of people cook food while keeping the utensils open. Besides, we can reduce this use by switching to electric appliances. In addition, the use of good quality wire also saves electricity.

To conclude, if we use the fuel conveniently and sustainably then we can assure the existence of our next generation. Also, sustainable use will likely to help us in saving the environment as it replenishes itself to its original form if not disturbed by external forces.

FAQs about Essay On Save Fuel for Better Environment

Q.1 List some ways to save fuel?
A.1 some ways to save fuel are:

  • Reduce the use of AC
  • Assure correct pressure in your vehicle’s tires
  • Keep cooking utensils covered while cooking
  • Switch off AC, lights, and fans when not in use

Besides this, there are a lot of other ways to save fuel.

Q.2 Why should we opt for saving fuel?
A.2 Saving fuel is not only going to help us but also to the next generation. As it will reduce the amount of toxin from the air, and give time to our as well as future generation to find better and safer fuel for consumption.

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