Essay on Secularism for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Secularism

Secularism in simple words refers as an ideology which provides people with the right to follow any religion or not follow any. It permits the state with the responsibility to maintain neutrality in the matters of religions. In a secular country, no state can legally favor or hate a particular religion. However, individuals residing in a country are free to follow and practice the religion of their choice.

essay on secularism

What is secularism?

The term “Secular” refers to being “separate” from religion or having no religious base. Secularism term means separation of religion from political, economic, social and cultural aspects of life. Thus religion is only a purely personal matter. It provides full freedom to all religions and tolerance of all religions. It also stances for equal opportunities for followers of all religions. So, no discrimination and partiality on grounds of religion.

Importance of Secularism:

Secularism is one of the most important achievements of any democratic country. It facilitates us with some benefits such as:

Religious Freedom

Living in a secular state has several benefits. Religious freedom is one of them. People are unrestricted to follow the religion of their choice or not follow any.

Fair Decision Making

The independence of the state from religious groups make the sure fair decision making. That provide equal treatment to all the religious and non-religious groups. No religious community can put on pressure on the state to make decisions in their favor.

Freedom of Speech

The ideology of secularism also allows people to express their opinions and beliefs freely. As in a secular state, no religious group can apply pressure of dominance. This has an increasing effect on the right to speech.

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History of Secularism in India

The history of secularism in India times back to 1976. While it declared that a secular state during the 42nd amendment of the Indian Constitution. The leaders of Independent India had visualized of a country where religion is no bar for people.

The state cannot favor or accept any religion as the state religion. The presence of the ideology of secularism in India indorses the co-existence of all the religious groups. The execution of the ideology of secularism in a diverse country like India which embraces of a dozen religions was a difficult task. Hence there are certain drawbacks which are yet to be addressed to.

Western and Indian Secularism

The philosophy of secularism in the west based on the principle of separation of state and religion. It merely focuses on the rights of a citizen to follow the religion of their choice. India secularism supports the fair and equal treatment of all religions and treats them all as one under the law.

But the Indian government has not correctly been separated from religions. While making sure also that no religion has a special favor in a way unfair to the other groups. Secularism in the west has faith that every citizen has the right to follow any religion of their choice.

Problems with Secularism

Though the leaders of the independent state have struggled hard to make sure the fair execution of the ideology of secularism. But certain problems still need to be addressed to make certain proper, peaceful and fair functioning.

State and religious groups, both should work self-sufficiently and abide by the law at the same time. After some decades of independence still, political parties remain to use the agenda of religious diversity and caste. Sometimes because of personal benefits, some politicians are refusing the motive of creating a secular state.


It needs to be understood that any state cannot be truly secular with secularism just written in its books. Thus, the complete ideology has to be recognized with grace and implemented equally to all the people. Meanwhile keeping a check on the governmental bodies for any unfair practice of religious groups to gain power.

Hence, each individual should be careful subject to law, regardless of gender, religion, majority or minority status, etc. So, the young generation should be trained about the ideology.

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