How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summertime is the most awaited time of any student’s life. It gives them a break from the scorching sun and blazing heat. The summer months are quite hot, however, students love them because they bring a sense of calmness due to the vacations. It frees them from the monotonous and dull routine of school and studies.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Most importantly, summer vacations give us a chance to explore new things. We can adopt new hobbies like painting, dancing, singing and more during this time. Furthermore, it gives us a chance to visit our grandparents or to someplace abroad. Summer vacations bring all types of fun, however, these particular summer vacations were the most memorable for me. My parents made me join a summer camp which was too much fun and then we visited our grandparents’ place.

Summer Camp

As the first day of my summer vacations started, I started getting bored easily. Mostly so because all my friends had gone to someplace or the other. My parents noticed this and decided to send me to a summer camp. Our school itself was organizing one in which my parents got me enrolled.

At first, I thought it would be of no use and would be equally boring. However, to my surprise, I was wrong. The summer camp was one of the best experiences of my life. I got the chance to indulge in so many activities and in fact, it was the first time where I discovered my talent for painting.

We got up early in the morning at 7 o’clock, despite no school. We had trainers who would teach us different things each day. On the first day, I got to learn karate, which was very amusing and helpful. Further, I learned how to play sports like basketball, table tennis, and volleyball.

Finally, came my most awaited part. We were taught painting and unique tips to master this art. I learned it quickly and started enjoying painting. My passion for painting began from this summer camp, and I will forever be indebted to it.

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My Grandparents’ Place

After my summer camp ended, my whole family decided to visit my grandparent’s village. It is situated away from the city and is full of lush and greenery. I love spending time with my grandparents so I was very excited to visit their village.

We stayed there for over two weeks, and that throughout that time, I was at my best behavior. I used to get up at 7 o’clock in the morning to take a stroll with my grandfather. Then all the family members would get together to have breakfast full of healthy things and fresh fruits from the farm nearby.

In the evening, we would sit by our grandmother’s bed and listen to stories. Then, my siblings and I used to go to the terrace and play games. We would also gaze at their stars all night, as we did not get that in the city.

In short, this is how I spent my summer vacation. It was definitely one of the best times of my lives. I got to learn new things and spend valuable time with my grandparents. I feel blessed to have a loving family with whom I can enjoy my summer vacation.

Some FAQs

Q.1 Why are summer vacations important?

A.1 Summer vacations are the most important and awaited time of a student’s life. It gives them a break from their monotonous routine. Furthermore, summer vacations protect students from the scorching heat and give them a chance to visit hilly stations.

Q.2 How can one utilize their summer vacation?

A.2 There a lot of ways to utilize a summer vacation. It can be done through indulging in many activities. One can join summer camps which teach new skills to students. One can also pay a visit to their grandparents or to some chilly place or abroad to enjoy it to the fullest.

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