Ethics and Business

Ethics and Morals

Ethics and Morals: The word ‘Ethics’ draws its origin from the ancient Greek word ‘ethos’ which refers to the character of a person or group. This is a systematic science covering various concepts like good and evil as well as right and wrong.

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Ethics and Morals

Some have even defined ethics as pertaining to something which deals with moral obligation and duty whereas others have described it as the principles of conduct governing a single individual or a group of people.

The scope of ethics spreads over all human relationships which exist in our society.

Above all, the moral philosophy of ethics defends, systemizes and recommends right and wrong concepts of conduct. Instances are also not rare when we interchangeably use the concept of ethics and morals for defining what is right and what is wrong.

However, a significant point of difference exists between these two concepts. Today, we are going to carry out a comparative analysis of ethics and morals by taking a look at real-life examples so that you develop a clear idea about the same.

Difference Between Ethics and Moral



It is derived from a Greek word meaning character. It is derived from a Latin word meaning custom.
Ethics deals with right and wrong conduct. Morals deal with the principles governing the same.
It deals with individual character. It deals with the standards set and followed by a group of people.
Ethics are consistent to a certain context but might vary between contexts. Morals are comparatively consistent provided the beliefs of an individual does not undergo any alteration.
Professional and legal guidelines pertaining to a particular place and time governs ethics. Cultural norms are often transcended by morality.
Ethics are abstract in nature. Morals are expressed via general rules and statements.

Conflict Between Ethics and Morals

The work of a defense attorney, for example, undergoes a constant conflict between the two concepts of ethics and morals as his morals instruct him to punish all murderers and his ethics require him to defend his client.

This professional commitment needs to be there even when the attorney is completely aware of his client’s malicious intents.

Conflicts between ethics and morals are widely prevalent in the medical profession. Patients request for euthanization although it considered illegal worldwide. Medical professional becomes incapacitated by the ethical standards to act otherwise.

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However, his own morality might trigger him to cater to the freedom of his patient in deciding on his own longevity thus creating a further dilemma.

ethics and morals

Examples Of Ethics and Morals

  • A close acquaintance interviews a person and selects him without gauging his skills. This is an example of an unethical act as the selection process needs to be unbiased and transparent.
  • Rahul, a powerful politicians son commits a heinous crime and uses his position to bail out of the jail is an example of an immoral act as the politician is trying to safeguard a culprit.
  • A corrupt shopkeeper sells expired medicines to illiterate villagers which is also an immoral and unethical act as he is cheating both his customer and profession simultaneously.

 Questions on Ethics and Morals

1.____ is the origin of the word ethics.

Ans.     Greek work ēthikos

2. ________ refers to the founded standards of right and wrong describing what humans should ideally do for benefiting the society.

Ans.     Ethics

3. Law is ­­­­­­_________ of ethics.

Ans.     Codification

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