Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act

Regulation of Conditions of Work of Children

Children have been suffering from societal exploitation for a long time now. The increasing rate of illiteracy, poverty, and lack of awareness in India is the main reason behind the same. However, various social organizations have voiced their opinions time and again for bringing necessary changes in the child labour actThese are expected to regulate the working conditions of children.

Recommendations made by various committees such as the Gurupadaswamy Committee on child labour, the National Commission on labour and Sarat Mehta Committee led to the enactment of Child labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986. This child labour act brings the whole of India under its purview.

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Child Labour Act

The Child labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986 can further be divided into four parts and one schedule comprising of two more parts of which the provisions contained in Part III of the Act pertaining to working conditions for children became effective from 26th May 1993.

However, Other provisions are decided upon by the Central government. It holds the ultimate power of appointing various dates for various states and various class of establishments.

child labour act

Section 7 – Period And Hours Of Work Under the Child Labour Act

  • Children cannot be permitted to work in any establishment for more than what has been prescribed for that class of establishment.
  • They cannot be asked or permitted to work in between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Children need to take an hours rest before starting with three more hours of work.
  • The child labour act has arranged the work period in such a manner that children won’t have to spend more than six hours in the establishment comprising of his interval for rest.
  • Children are not allowed to work overtime.
  • Children cannot work in an establishment on a day when he had already worked in another establishment.

Section 8 – Weekly Holidays

Children working in an establishment can enjoy a complete day off each week.

Read more about Human Rights and Fundamental Rights here in detail

The appropriate government may issue a notification in the official gazette for making rules pertaining to the safety and health of children who are employed in a particular establishment.

The above-mentioned rules might cover any one or all of the following matters:

  • Disposal of effluents and waste
  • Freedom of workplace from nuisance
  • Dust and fume
  • Ventilation and temperature
  • Lighting
  • Latrine and urinals
  • Artificial humidification
  • Drinking water
  • Work either at or near any machinery in motion
  • Fencing of machinery
  • Spittoons
  • Device for cutting power supply
  • Easing of new machinery
  • Employing children for running dangerous machines
  • Training and supervising children running dangerous machines
  • Means of access like floor and stairs
  • Self-acting machines
  • Excessive weights
  • Maintenance of buildings
  • Protection of eyes
  • Precautions on the occurrence of fire
  • Sumps, pits, and floor openings
  • Safety of buildings and machinery
  • Inflammable dust, gas etc.

 Questions on Child labour Act

1. A child is a person below the age of  _____.

Ans.     14

2.  The total time span for which child labour works in a day cannot exceed _______.

Ans.     More than 6 hours

3. ________ is the permitted time for children should not work in an establishment.

Ans.     7 P.M. to 8 A.M.

4. Child workers need to take an hours rest before working again for a maximum of  _______ hours.

Ans.     3

5. The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 is applicable to _________.

Ans.     The whole of India

6. Children can enjoy _____ day holiday every week.

Ans. One

8. The act can be divided into _____ parts.

Ans. Four

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