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Development Programmes

In India, people choose their government. Thus, many believe that the government will undertake many development programs after the election. There have many such yojanas and schemes being launched by the government since independence for rural and urban people. Here, we will help you with some of the recent development programs being launched by the government of India.

Development Programs 

Development Programs

                                   Development Programs

There are various sectors in which, the development programs have been launched in India. These sectors include uplifting the poor, women empowerment, health programs, etc.

Women Empowerment Programs

Women empowerment refers to creating an environment where women can make decisions for their own benefits. Additionally, under this, they are given the freedom of choosing the decisions for society. Below are some of the plans for women empowerment.

One stop Center Scheme

The OSCs (One stop centers) was launched in April 2015. It was done to formulate and set-up one-stop centers which are funded from Nirbhaya fund. Thus, this was done to provide assistance and support to the women who are affected by violence in the public or private place. Also, this was done irrespective of caste, religion, class, region, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Beti Bachao Beta Padhao

This scheme has created huge waves since its formation in January 2015. It was done primarily to prevent gender biases on sex-selective elimination. Furthermore, this scheme ensures the protection and survival of the girl child. Additionally, it also ensures the participation and education of the girl child.


This is a comprehensive scheme in order to prevent trafficking. Also, it includes rehabilitation and reintegration of the victims of the trafficking and sexual exploitation. This yojna was launched in December 2007. Also, this scheme is being implemented more by NGOs.

Anti-Poverty Programs

Poverty is a condition or a state wherein the community lacks the financial essentials to enjoy a minimum standard of life. Despite being one of the fastest growing economies, this is considered as a significant issue in India.

IRDP – Integrated rural Development Program

This scheme has been launched in the country since 1979. Under this scheme, the all-round development of the rural population through a program of asset endowment for self-employment has taken place.

Antodaya Yojna

The objective of this yojna was to make all the poor families in villages economically dependent. So, with this aim, it was launched in 1977.

Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojna

This plan was launched with a view of developing 5 critical areas in a village. These are primary education, rural roads, primary health, housing, and drinking water. So, the overall objective of this program was to develop the quality of life in rural areas.

National Food for Work Program

This program was launched to provide additional resources under the available sampoorna Grameen rojgar yojna. Also, this yojna was funded 100% by the central government. Also, in 2006, this program was subsumed under the MGNREGA yojna.

Practice Questions on Development Programs

Q. Which of the following portals were created as a part of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan?

A. Vidyanjali

B. Shagun portal

C. Rashtriya avishkar Abhiyan

D. All of the above

Answer: D. All of the above

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