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Health-Oriented Programs

There are rural and social programs launched by the government for the upliftment of people. These programs not only benefit the people in rural areas but also provide them a platform to uplift them. Besides social programs, there are many health oriented programs by the government that can help people fight disease and keep themselves healthy.

Health Oriented Programs

Health Oriented Programs

                     Health Oriented Programs

Some of the health-oriented programs by the government are as below:

Universal Immunization Program

This yojna was started in 1985. Also, the main aim of the program was to achieve self-sufficiency in vaccine production. Additionally, the purpose was also to manufacture the cold chain equipment for various storage purposes.

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Midday Meal Scheme

This program was started by the government of India. The main objective of this program was to address the children suffering from hunger. Furthermore, the objective was to increase attendance and school enrollment.

Also, this program improved the socialization among kids that belongs to a different caste. It also helped it reducing the malnutrition and increase social empowerment by employing more and more women.

Ayushman Bharat

This scheme was launched in the last union budget of 2018-19. There are two components in this program. One is national health protection scheme and another one is wellness and health center. So, in the national health protection scheme, there is a coverage of 10 crores vulnerable and poor family.

Additionally, there are more than 50 crore beneficiaries. While in the wellness and health center, more than 1.5 lakh centers are brought under the health care system. This system is built such that they are more close to the homes of people.

ICDS – Integrated Child Development Scheme

The Integrated child development scheme plans to enhance the nutrition, health, and learning opportunities of young, infant, children along with their mothers. This scheme was set up in the year 1975 to reach its full potential.

NRHM – National Rural Health Mission

The set up of this scheme was done in the year 2005. The objective was to provide efficient healthcare to the rural population with special focus on 18 states. Also, the states that were weak health and infrastructure were selected.

Additionally, the aim was to increase public spending from 0.9% to 2.3%. Under this scheme, there was also a reduction in MMR and IMR. The idea was to provide universal healthcare that has more emphasis on women.

A national program for Health care of the Elderly People

The plan was set up in the year 2010. This program was done to provide curative, preventive, and rehabilitative services to older people. Under this program, the health care system and its delivery were set up at various levels.

Pradhan Mantri Swasthya and Suraksha Yojna

The program was set-up in the year 2010 with a primary focus on health and safety. Also, the objective of this program was to correct the regional imbalance in augmenting facilities and healthcare for the quantity of medical education in India.

Thus, under this program, there were six AIIMS-like institutions being set-up. Also, there was up gradation of more than 10 government medical colleges.

Practice Questions on Health Oriented Programs

Q. What is the name of the yojna that was established by the Orissa state government in order to provide sanitary pads to 17 lakh students?

A. UDAY scheme

B. Jan dhan scheme

C. Khushi scheme

D. Ayushman Bharat scheme

Answer: C. Khushi scheme

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