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Employment, Poverty, Rural and Urban

In India, the government is elected through democracy. Thus, many people believe that the elected government should be dedicated to the welfare of the people. So, keeping in minds of the welfare of the people, there are many schemes that have been launched by the government. These schemes are for poor, unemployed, rural and urban, etc.

The Rural and Urban Development Scheme

Rural and Urban

             Employment, Poverty, Rural and Urban

The term rural is used to relate or characterize the region or countryside rather than a town. Also, rural development is a process that works on improving the quality of life and economic well being for the people that lives in rural areas. Here we are providing you the list of all the rural and urban development schemes that are launched by the government.

DPAP – Draught Prone Areas Programming

This scheme was launched in 1974. The plan was to minimize the adverse effects of drought on the production crops. Additionally, livestock and productivity of land, human resources, and water that ultimately lead to draught proofing also needed to be taken care of.

CDP – Community Development Program

The aim of this program was to look out for the overall development of rural areas with respect to people’s participation. This program was one of the first to be launched for the rural population.

Twenty Point Program

This scheme called twenty point program was launched in 1975. Also, the main objectives of this program were to raise the living standards of the people. Furthermore, it was launched to eradicate poverty.

Development of Children and Women in Rural Areas

Under this program, suitable opportunities related to employment to women were provided. Furthermore, the rural women that were living below the poverty line were considered in this program.

NFRD – National Fund for Rural Development

The main of this program was to give a 100% tax rebate to the donors. So, this was done particularly to provide financial assistance to all the rural development projects.

Urban Development Schemes

For the development of urban area and population, the government has launched many schemes to make area efficient and effective. One of the major scheme launched under this is smart cities mission. It has been a common perception that there are 4 major cities in India.

They are Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai. Also, now the government are planning to change this perception by making more than 100 smart cities throughout the country.

Also, these cities will have all the required modern facilities that are used to upgrade the living standards of the masses.

Smart Cities Mission

The total cost under the smart cities mission is expected to be more than 2 lakh crores. Also, the main objective of this scheme is to promote the cities that provide a decent quality of living and core infrastructure.

Furthermore, citizens can get a clean and sustainable environment along with the application of many ‘smart’ solutions. Under this scheme there every union territories and Indian states that are participating. Thus, they are doing this by nominating one city for this mission. Only West Bengal has not nominated any city.

Practice Questions on Rural and Urban

Q. By which organization was rural infrastructure development fund instituted?



C. Finance ministry

D. Government of India

Answer: B. NABARD

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