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As a physics student, one must have definitely come across the term inductance. It is often pooled in with resistance and capacitance and has a formula of its own. This term was found in 1886 by Oliver Heaviside. Furthermore, you see that we use the symbol of L to show inductors on circuit diagrams plus inductance in equations, after the renowned physicist Heinrich Lenz. This article deals with the topic in detail and gives the student a fair idea about the inductance formula and how to apply it to find out the inductance of any object.


Inductance is a chief parameter in electrical plus electronic circuits. Similar to resistance capacitance, it can be said to be a fundamental electrical measurement which impacts all the circuits to some extent.

Furthermore, we can use inductance in many spheres of electrical and electronic systems plus circuits. The gears can be found in a selection of types, also be referred to as a diverse set of names. For instance, coils, chokes, transformers, inductors, and more.

Similarly, each of these types can further have different types that are some with cores and some without cores. Likewise, the core materials can also be found in various kinds.

When you get to know about inductance and its various types and formats for transformers plus inductors and learn about it in detail, you can easily understand the functioning that takes place within an electrical and electronic circuit.

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Inductance Formula

We all know that whenever an electric current flows through a conductor, it produces a magnetic field surrounding it. Similarly, a changing current produces a varying magnetic field. This ensures that the magnetic flux also varies and induces an electromotive force.

Inductance defines the tendency of an electrical conductor so as to oppose a change in the electric current which flows through it. This change of current induces an inverse electromotive force.

Therefore, the inductance forms part of the impedance of the circuit. In other words, the existence of it suggests a particular resistance to the flow of the current. Thus, the magnetic inductance formula defines as the proportion between the magnetic flux in the element plus the electric current which circulates through the element. Therefore, the equation will be:

L = ΦN/I

Over here:

L refers to the inductance

Φ is the Magnetic flux

N refers to the number of coil turns

I is the intensity of the current

Solved Question on Inductance Formula

Question- An inductor coil contains 550 turns of copper wire which generates a magnetic flux of 20 Wb when it passes a direct current of 5 amps. Find out the self-inductance of the coil.

Answer- We see that we have Φ as 20 Wb and N is 550. Further, I is 5 A. Therefore, to find out the self-inductance of the coil, we apply the equation of inductance which is:

L = ΦN/I

L = (20 Wb)(550)/5A

L = 2200 H.

Therefore, the self-inductance of the coil is 2200 H.

Question- An inductor coil contains 1000 turns of copper wire which generates a magnetic flux of 300 mWb when it passes through a direct current of 8 amps. Find out the self-inductance of the coil.

Answer- When we apply the above equation for inductance, we see that we have got our Φ as 300 mWb which equals 0.3 Wb. Further, the N is 1000 and I is 8 A.

L = ΦN/I

L = (0.3 Wb)(1000)/8A

L = 37.5 H.

Therefore, the coil’s self-inductance is 37.5 H.

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