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How to Make a Very Cheap Homemade Photovoltaic Solar Cell

How to Make Solar Panel at Home

A solar cell is one of the most important elements of any solar panel. A solar panel is a device which produces electricity using sunlight. While solar panels are costly, they make way for a very cost-effective living. You don’t have to think about how to make solar panel at home as it is a very simple process.

The solar cells which are made professional consist of a special semiconductor material. They sandwich them between metal contacts and a layer made of non-reflective glass. The semiconductor over here is designed in a manner to be sensitive to the photoelectric effect. Further, it reacts to light by discharging a flow of electrons.

How to Make Solar Panel at Home with Household Items

As the materials needed are easily available and quite reasonable you don’t have to worry about how to make solar panel at home. This homemade solar cell can be a perfect demonstration for a science class or science fair.

how to make solar panel at home

Moreover, it has practical uses too. One can also use it to power their small device. In addition, this homemade solar cell can give a fine insight into the physics of the photoelectric effect. You will require the following things on how to make solar panel at home:

  • Copper sheet
  • Propane torch
  • Tongs
  • Copper wire
  • Wire strippers
  • Alligator strips
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Bulb
  • Voltmeter

The Procedure for How to Make Solar Panel at Home

Those curious to find the answer for how to make solar panel at home, you will get the solution here. The first step is heating a copper sheet.

For that, first, you need to light up a propane torch and hold it in one hand. Always remember to use the propane torch in strict accordance with the safety directions given by the manufacturer. Next, you need to pick up the copper sheet with the other hand with the help of tongs.

Further, hold the copper sheet in the flame. You will have to keep heating the copper for at least a minute until the fragment under the flame has been glowing red hot.

After that, set the sheet of copper down only on a fireproof surface. Then again, pick it up using tongs and hold a different section and heat the new area with that torch.

Keep repeating this procedure till completion of treatment of different spots. After that, keep the sheet on a fireproof surface and allow it cool to air temperature. You will notice the heated areas have now turned black or of any other colour.

Subsequently, we need to prepare our first wire. For that, you have to strip one inch of insulation of each of the ends using wire strippers. Clamp the one end to the sheet of copper with the help of an alligator clip. Ensure you clamp it to fresh and un-blackened copper.

Furthermore, prepare the salt mixture by mixing salt into a cup full of water until completely dissolved. Put numerous drops of saltwater on the various blackened areas of the sheet. Each drop will create different results due to microscopic irregularities on the surface of the sheet.

Final Step

Finally, to prepare the second wire, you need to strip one end of insulation off both the wire ends through wire strippers. After that, put one end into one of the drops of the salt mixture on the blackened areas of the sheet.

You need to hold the wire in place by placing the weight on top of the wire. Voila, your solar cell is complete now. Above all, if you hook the other ends of the wires to a small light bulb when in direct sunlight, it will light up.

Further, if you want to check the voltage production of your solar cell, then hook it to a voltmeter.

Solved Question for You

Question– A solar cell uses what do produce electricity?

A. Wind
B. Water
C. Sunlight
D. Air

Answer– The correct answer is option C.

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