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PVC Plastic and its Applications


Everybody has heard the term PVC but on one knows what it is and where we use it. It is a type of plastic that is we use in construction and building, healthcare, automobiles, homes, electronics, and other sectors.

It is a safe type of plastic that we use in blood bags and tubing, pouches, cable insulation, windshield system, etc.

Meaning of PVC

PVC full form is Polyvinyl Chloride. In addition, it is an economical and safe plastic that we use for various purposes.

Manufacturing of PVC Plastic

It is produced by the process of polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Besides, the method of polymerization includes emulsion, suspension, and mass (bulk) method.


First of all, they pressurize and melt raw material VCM. Secondly, then fed it into the polymerization reactor that contains water and suspending agents beforehand. Finally, the reactor process it and cast it into the shape of bars at 40 to 60 degree Celsius.

Uses of PVC

The vinyl can be rigid as industrial pipes and soft as plastic wrap. Also, they can be thick as glass and thin as wall covering. Besides, it can be transparent or of different colour depending on the choice.

Construction and Building

A large number (three-fourth of production) of PVC products goes directly into the ever continued construction and building.

Furthermore, studies show that PVC is effective to protect the environment. As it conserves resources and the lower greenhouse effect.

Also, it is durable, resist moisture and abrasion and is ideal for window, roofing, fencing, decking and various others. In addition, vinyl is corrosion free and they do not require heavy maintenance.

Windows and siding

They produce extremely affordable, durable, and help in conserving energy as they heat and cool down easily. In addition, they keep the house cold in summer and warm in winter. Furthermore, the Vinyl windows are more insulating than aluminium windows.

Cables and wiring

The outer coating or shell of the wire is made of PVC plastic as it can withstand high temperatures and wetness in the wall.

In addition, it is one of the most trusted and prevalent material in the electrical wiring and cables of the building.

Water Pipes

They create virtually leak-proof pipes free from holes. Moreover, they are rust-free, and the environmental stress on them is low.

In addition, their breakage rate is quite low than metal pipes. Besides, the lack of build-up in PVC piping increases energy efficiency and functionality.


This plastic is durable, lightweight, flexible and dependable and is perfect for the job of packing. Furthermore, it maintains the quality of products inside.

In addition, medicine industries use clear vinyl as they are tamper-resistant over-the-counter medications and shrink-wrap for consumer products.

Besides, packing of blister and clamshell, personal care products, and household product rigid vinyl film uses rigid vinyl.


In the healthcare industry, there are hundreds of uses of vinyl. Also, they are used in IV bags, medical tubing.

Besides, the blood-collection bags is a significant breakthrough of vinyl as it is unbreakable, flexible and enhance the ambulatory medicine and it serves as a foundation for the modern blood bank.

Household Products

Household uses different product of PVC plastic. Most noteworthy, they are affordable, water resistance, and durable. So, they are ideal for pipes, wire, boots, shower curtains, raincoats, etc.

Solved Question for You

Question. Which of the following product is made from PVC plastic?

A. Medication
B. Watch Strap
C. Television
D. IV Set

Answer. The correct answer is option D. As IV set is manufactured from PVC plastic because they are safe and durable.

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