Coding and Decoding

Coding and Decoding

Coding and Decoding form an important part of the quantitative analysis section. In the following section, we will see examples of various forms of coding. We will see the letter-letter coding, the Number Coding, Symbol Coding, Number-Letter mixed coding. We will introduce techniques and tricks that will help you solve any question within a minute. The section has problems for practice at the end of the section. Let us begin!

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Coding and Decoding

The coding questions will provide you with some information that is in code form. This information can be decoded using the key that is present either within the question or within the options. Here we will start with the first type or the letter coding. Let us begin!

Letter Coding

This is the code that is derived on the basis of alphabets. usually, the position of alphabets is used. For example, let us see the following question.

Example 1: In some language, “EXAM” is coded as “FYBN”. In the same language, how will we code  “RESULT”?

A) SFTVMU             B) REPTUY              C) ERICCART               D) KYLEBROW

Answer: The first step is to detect the code. For that, we need to focus on the word EXAM. The first letter E in code is F, similarly the code for X is Y, for A it is B and for M it is N. Thus we see that in this language the alphabet is shifted to one step to the front. Thus the code for R will be S and hence the correct option here is A) SFTVMU.

Coding and Decoding

Number Coding

Example 2: In a certain code, “Delhi is capital” is coded as “7 5 9”. The sentence “capital are beautiful” is coded as “3 6 9”, and “Delhi is beautiful” is coded as “6 7 5”. Also “Patna also capital‟ is coded as “9 2 4”. What is the code for “beautiful” in this code?
A) 2             B) 4               C) 5            D) 6                E) 7

Answer: To solve codes like these remember the order of the numbers may be anything. For example, in “Delhi is capital” and “Delhi is beautiful”, we can see that the words “Delhi is” are common and thus we can see that capital is 9 and beautiful is 6. Therefore the correct option here is D) 6.

Q: What is the code for “Patna is beautiful “?

A) 7 5 6           B) 7 5 9             C) 5 7 8             D) 5 7 9            E) Data Insufficient

Answer: Let us see if we can figure it out word for word. We already know that the code for beautiful is 6. From the code  “Delhi is beautiful” as “6 7 5” we see that “is” may be represented by 7 or 5. If we take a look at the code “Delhi is capital” which is present as “7 5 9”, we notice that we can’t get the code for “is” as the data is not sufficient. So the correct option is E) Data Insufficient.

Symbol Coding

In the symbol coding, we use the symbols like “!@#$%^&*()_”, to represent words or letters. These codes are then used to determine a code for the words that are written down. Let us see an example.

Example 3: If “LESD” is written as “ @ $ & # “ , “NAC” is written as “ % ? * “, how “CANDLES” is
coded in the same way?

A) *&%#$&)                   B) *?%&@$#               C) *&^$@()             D) ?@$@^%@&

Answer: In the code, we can see that the code for L is @. Building on to that we can see that the option B) *?%&@$# is the correct option.

Miscellaneous Examples

Example 4: In the following, a certain code is given. According to this code, “before West to mailing” is written as “ad mi ja no”, “the West to Himalaya” is written as “ku ja ig ad”. Also “mailing of the layout” is written as “be ku zo mi” and “to should of changes” is written as “be Ii ya ja”.
Then what is the code for “should”?
A) be            B) Ii           C) ya                  D) ja            E) Data insufficient

Answer: To solve these types of questions, a table may come in handy. Check for the two sentences that have the most number of similar words. Let us put all the terms in the table and see if we can get the correct answer or not. Let us see what “to” is coded as:

Before West to Mailing   – ad mi ja no

the West to Himalaya    –   ku ja ig ad

The two have ony one code in common. This means that the relation can’t be determined. Thus the option is E) Data insufficient.

Example 5: In a certain code, we write the word “SUSHI” as “RTRGH”. How ill you write the sentence ” Who are you” in it?

A) Vgn zqd xnt

B) Vec bqd xmy

C) Njg hhd kdd

D) Vgx xbg jak

Answer: The letter before S is T and this is the rule for the code here. A letter that comes just before the one in the given word is the code. So the sentence ” Who are you” will be coded as “Vgn zqd xnt”. The correct option is thus A) Vgn zqd xnt.

Also, check this Coding-Decoding practice questions 

Practice Questions:

In a certain code, the following language is used:

“Challenging world economy now” is written as “Sk Rk Tk Nk”

“Economy bad current issue” is written as “Pk Gk Sk Fk”

“Current world looking good” is written as “Nk Mk Pk Vk”

“Looking good challenging with” is written as “Vk Mk Rk Dk”.

Answer the following questions:

Q 1: What will be the code for “Looking”?
A) Rk            B) Mk          C) Tk               D) Vk                      E) Either Mk or Vk

Ans: E) Either Mk or Vk

Q 2: The codes “Rk Mk Nk” may represent which of the following?
A) Challenging good bad
B) World economy bad
C) World looking challenge
D) Good with now
E) None of these

Ans: C) World looking challenge

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