Ratios and Proportions

Duplicate Ratios

The topic duplicate ratios are very common among the competitive exams. And every year you will find at least 2-3 questions from it. Besides the direct questions, ratio and proportion can also be important in percentage and decimals.  Today we will be explaining you on the duplicate ratios. Questions from this are not very common but you may require this concept in other ratio and proportion questions.

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Duplicate Ratios

In ratio and proportion, you do not need to remember any formulae to solve the questions. You just need to understand the concept and try and have more and more practice of the questions.

duplicate ratios

Duplicate ratios

There are concepts you need to understand in duplicate ratios. One is duplicate ratios itself and the other is a sub-duplicate ratio. In duplicate ratios, when the ratio p/q is compounded with itself, the resulting ratio which is p²/q² is called as the duplicate ratio. For example, 16/9 is the duplicate ratio of 4/3.

The duplicate ratio of the ratio of a:b is also defined as the compound ratio of a:b and a:b
=> (a × a):(b × b) => a²:b²
So, the duplicate ratio of 6:7 = 6²:7² = 36:49

Similarly, for the sub-duplicate ratio, √a/√b is the sub-duplicate ratio of a/b or a:b. For example 3:4 is the sub-duplicate ratio of 9:16. There are other ratios as well as triplicate ratios and sub-triplicate ratio but we will go into it in the other article.

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Solved Example

Q. If there are 10 people that can clean 10 floors by 10 mops in 10 days, in how many days can 8 people clean 8 floors with 8 mops?

A. 12 1/2 days            B. 8 days                C. 10 days                     D. 12 days

There are direct questions of duplicate ratios but this is one of an example where you can use the concept of duplicate ratios to find the answer. Here you are required to find the man-days. So, you cannot directly find the answer.

Now, 10 men and 10 days mean 100 man-days are required to clean 10 floors with 10 mops. Thus, 1 floor requires 10 man-days to get cleaned. Hence, you can establish that to clean 8 floors you will require 80 man-days. Thus, 10 days are required to clean the 8 floors using 8 mops. So, the correct answer is C.

Practice Questions

1. Find the ratio which is sub-duplicate of 64:81 and duplicate ratio of the ratio 4:5.

A. 4:3               B. 16:9              C. 5:4            D. 7:5

Ans. The correct answer is B.

2. Let’s suppose that every cow gives 7 liters of milk every week. How many cows are required to get 45 liters of milk in 15 days?

A. 2 cows                     B. 3 cows                   C. 4 cows               D. None of the above

Ans. The correct answer is B.

3. Suppose that the duplicate ratio of a:b is (a – x):(b – x), then find the value of x

A. ab/a + b              B. ab/a – b              C. ab/a^2 – b                  D. None of the above

Ans. The correct answer is A.

4. Raj and Abhay consume calories in the ratio of 3:5 every day. Both of them does exercise and lose calories in the ratio 3:5. If Abhay absorbs 3500 calories every day, what are calories absorbed by Raj?

A. 2100 calories               B. 2000 calories              C. 1800 calories               D. 1750 calories

Ans. The correct answer is A.

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One response to “Comparison of Ratios”

  1. hope says:

    could someone please explain the following questions and answers
    1. Raju and Sanjay had 35% and 45% rupees more than Ajay respectively. What is the ratio of Raju and Sanjay’s money?

    A. 7:9 B. 27:29 C. 37:39 D. 27:39

    The correct answer is C.

    2. Two men earn a yearly salary in the ratio 10:13. If there spending is in the ratio of 4:5 and the man spending lesser of the two saves Rs. 6000 while the other one saves Rs. 8000, then find the salary of the person who is higher paid.

    A. Rs. 12000 B. Rs. 14000 C. Rs. 13000 D. Rs. 11000

    The correct answer is C.

    3. If the ratio of the ages of Priya and Sunanda is 6:5 at present, and after fifteen years from now, the ratio will be changed to 9:8, then find the Priya’s current age.

    A. 22 years B. 30 years C. 34 years D. 38 years

    The correct answer is B.

    4. P, Q, and R played cricket. P’s runs are to Q’s runs and Q’s runs are to R’s runs at 3:2. All of them scored a total of 342 runs. How many runs did P make?

    A. 140 B. 154 C. 168 D. 162

    The correct answer is D.

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