Series Completion

Double Line up

In reasoning, the double line up is considered as one of the important topics. Below are all the tips and practice questions to understand this topic better.

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Double Line up

Double Line up

                                          Double Lineup

Here are some of the tips to score better in the doubles line up.

  • The reasoning is one of the topics that is not based on calculations. Thus, it becomes quite important to begin building your concepts by practicing a variety of questions.
  • It is important to monitor your progress daily by giving mock tests. This will help you in determining your accuracy and speed. Furthermore, the self-analysis will help in knowing your strong and weak areas in the reasoning section.
  • Practice reasoning tests by solving previous years papers. Also, it will help you understand the pattern and different types of questions.
  • All these strategies will help you in your preparation and you will approach all the problems easily.
  • Moreover, you can also strategize your topics for exams beforehand by attempting the time-consuming questions first and then moving on to the easier section.
  • Also, you can refer the given order of questions based on series, coding and decoding, syllogism, blood relation, puzzles, direction sense, logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning.

Few Questions on Double Line up

Q. Study the information given in the question carefully and answer the questions based on it.

There are eight people A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H that likes different colors like black, blue, green, red, violet, pink, yellow, and brown in no particular order. Furthermore, they also like to play different games like cricket, hockey, chess, carrom, football, table tennis, volleyball, and lawn tennis. Again the games are not in any order.

B’s favorite game is table tennis, while the favorite color of F is green. Also, D likes blue color and also his favorite sport is volleyball. The person that loves black color plays hockey. A and E doesn’t like to play hockey. Also, the person that plays chess loves red color. It is clear that A does not like red color. While H does not like brown color. But it is mentioned that H loves to play carrom. Also, the person that plays cricket likes pink color. Additionally, C likes violet color very much but doesn’t like lawn tennis.

Q. Based on the information given above, answer the following questions

Q. Which person would love to play football?

The best way to solve these types of questions is to divide the question into short sentences. Try and draw a table using the information given in step by step format. Based on the information, you will form a table like this.

Thus, the correct answer here is person C who loves to play football.

Double line up Reasoning Questions

Based on the question given above try and solve the below questions.

Q. Which of the following given statements is correct?

A. The person that loves yellow color likes to play football.

B. F loves to play chess and his favorite color is pink.

C. The person that likes to play hockey loves the green color.

D. The one who loves table tennis also likes yellow color.

E. All the above statements are incorrect.

Answer: E. All the above statements are incorrect.

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