Speech for Students

Speech on Save Water for Students and Children

Speech on Save Water

A hearty welcome to all the teachers and students present in the auditorium. I am here to convey a speech on Save Water.  We all know that water is the most useful resource on Earth. Also, we all are aware of its immense uses. We cannot imagine our lives without water. Moreover, we use water for household, agricultural, industrial, recreational and other purposes. Also, it is used for environmental purposes. Although, 70% of the Earth’s Surface is covered by water, yet, only 1% of freshwater is available for drinking. Most of our household tasks cannot be completed without water. Also, in industries, it is used for the preparation of goods and products. Furthermore, it assists in transportation too.

speech on save water

Despite its importance, we are facing deterioration in water resources. Although, it is a natural resource, yet we need to conserve the same. We need to save water for the development to take place in a sustainable manner. We must understand that it is the basis of humanity. Our earth is green because of water. There are many places facing the problem of water scarcity. Thus, we must take effective steps for the conservation of water.

Importance of Water in Life

Water is an indispensable component of life. We cannot survive without water. The human body comprises of a huge amount of water. Thus, human beings and animals need much water to drink. Also, plants need water to grow. From drinking to cooking to everything, we need water. We need safe water for all our organs to function properly. Moreover, we can preserve our environment by saving water.  An excellent example of this is the use of water to produce electricity.  The use of hydropower or hydroelectricity helps in controlling pollution.

Furthermore, it prevents the burning of fossil fuels, coal, etc. for producing electricity. Also, it is essential for maintaining the Earth’s temperature. The human body is made up of a huge amount of water. Thus, human beings and animals need much water to drink. Also, plants need water to grow. From drinking to cooking to everything, we need water.

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How to Save Water?

Water is the most precious component needed for food and life.  All human beings, animals and plants have a requirement of water. Thus, we need to conserve water resources. To conserve or decrease the polluting factors, we must be aware of the factors that lead to its deterioration. Then, we must take some valuable steps. These include turning off the taps, cut down meat-eating and dairy. Also, we must check for water leakage from hand pumps, shower less to save water. Moreover, we must have a pond to use water. Furthermore, the dumping of sewage and toxins into water bodies is a major reason for water pollution. Moreover, fertilizers require a huge amount of water. Thus, we must minimize the use of fertilizers in the fields. Also, we must check for soil erosion by planting trees.


We need water for thousand of tasks in our lives. It provides beauty to nature and maintains the environmental balance. Since it is the basis of our survival and development we should not misuse it.  We must use wisely this sacred gift of nature. We should teach the society by conducting awareness programs. Also, we must use modern techniques for farming. Moreover, watersheds help to conserve rainwater. We must try to educate our children about the importance of water. Its education must be provided at schools, colleges, etc. Also, through media, this purpose can be achieved. Although water is a natural resource available in abundance, it doesn’t mean we can misuse it. It is not a single person’s responsibility to conserve water. We could avoid the wastage of water only by joining hands.


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