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Children’s Day Speech for Student and Children

Children’s Day Speech

Children’s Day Speech – The mid of November is a very special occasion for us. Every year we celebrate 14th November as Children’s day. We celebrate it because it’s the birthday of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. His bond and fondness with children are legendary.

Celebrating his birthday as children’s day in school, at home, at educational institutions, and in families is our way of honoring the memory and vision of Chacha Nehru. It is just because of the eagerness and ambitions of the children of our country we can manage to achieve the glory that Indian society deserves.Children's Day Speech

How We Celebrate Children’s Day?

In schools and institutions is a day of fun, most of the schools organize several entertainment programs and exciting competitions for the children. However, the day is incomplete without a reflection of the ideas and values that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru lived by.

He has come from a very fortunate background but it did not affect his attitude. Also, his family wealth was enough to have him a place of honor in British India. Still, he chose to be at the side of Mahatma Gandhi and become an important part of the freedom struggle.

Moreover, he dedicated himself completely for the cause of the nation, from the Civil disobedience movement to Satyagraha. From jail terms to negotiating the terms of our independence he was there. He has shown us a path that can help us to reclaim our rightful position as leaders of the world.

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His Personal life

He has set an excellent example for the youngsters, parents, and teachers of our country. In this era of technology, we all have complaints and most of the lack of time. Nehruji proves that all these barriers have been built up by our minds.

In 1928, he was busy attending to the work of the Congress, and call for the Purna Swaraj was a hopeful spark and at that time his 10-year-old daughter Indira was studying in Mussoorie.

However, the great man manages to shape the mind of his young daughter. The letter that he wrote to his daughter is what we now know as “Letters From A Father To His Daughter”. Which gave us the dynamic leader Indira Gandhi.

Even though his imprisonment term he manages ton pen down one of the finest books of Indian history- The Discovery of India. All these examples are enough to motivate teachers and parents. Nehruji’s life encounter can show parents, teachers, and thinkers to shape up the young mind and lead them to greatness.

The Bitter Truth of Today

Today, the children of our country are fighting for basic healthcare and education. On this occasion, I would like to put forward some alarming data. In the Asian continent, India is the leading country when it comes to the employment of child labor.

Moreover, around 33 million children are working in various industries which are about the firth of child labor working worldwide. Also, many of these children are working in hazardous industries such as bangle making, matchbox making, precious stone cutting, etc.

By not making an effort to stop child labor and by not making primary education available to each child we are entrusting their future and our own into darkness. When each one of us makes a concrete effort towards this evil, only then we can make our country successful and great just like Nehruji, Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders had envisioned.

To sum it up, I extend my warmest greetings and wishes you all a Happy Children’s Day. In addition, let’s celebrate this day with joy and fully appreciate the gift of childhood that has been given to us. However, let us also remember the great responsibility that is ours towards this society and a better India.

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